Seijo no Kaifuku Chapter 111

I still don’t want to die

TL: Chinozuku

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「This is bad……」

I muttered after I tasted Brocel’s dishes.

The housework did by Brocel was perfect up until now but, this gap is overwhelming.


I put my hands on my lap, looking at the food.

The food looked delicious, the food arrangement was good as well.


While I was watching, I reached the conclusion that maybe it was my misunderstanding, then I tried one more bite.

「…this is bad…」

It was not delicious.

Even though it was not delicious, it’s not up to the level of inedible.

I thought of that maybe because I had eaten Lily’s cooking…….


Suddenly, when I turned my gaze toward Brocel, he was eating the dishes like it was delicious.

「This time it’s well done……」

Moreover, those words came out from Brocel’s mouth.


I looked again at the food, but as expected, I don’t want to try another bite, in the end, I felt guilty but the rest will be eaten by Brocel.

By the way, Brocel ate my share, telling me it was delicious.


「…I’m hungry…」

I laid down on my stomach on the table.

I couldn’t eat Brocel’s food before.

I have thought to cook myself but, I couldn’t find any motivation to do that.

「…Speaking of which, is Brocel’s sense of tasting alright…?」

I suddenly said the question that came to my mind.

It’s not like I wanted someone to reply to my question but in the end, I need to think that by myself.


There probably are 2 possibilities.

First, Brocel’s sense of taste is strange, that’s a possibility.

For me, that’s the best possibility.

The other one is, the human and beastman’s sense of taste is different.

I honestly don’t know whether it’s true or not but, it’s not impossible, is what I thought.

「…Hmm, wait a minute…?」

When I thought about it, I remembered one important thing.

「…If his sense of taste then, he could eat Torue’s cooking, right…?」(TL: I feel bad for Torue)

That is Torue’s cooking.

In this case, it doesn’t matter whether the sense of taste between human and beastman is different.

Right now, what would Brocel think about Torue’s cooking is what important.

I started to cook because I was completely worried about my hungry stomach, and wait for Torue who will come back shortly.

「Then, let’s make something……?」

Right now, in front of me is Torue, who is eager to cook.

Usually, I don’t want to do that but, I want to test Brocel sense of taste, it can’t be helped.

Right, can’t be helped.

I made the decision, it’s not because he’s hungry.

「…I, I will wait over there.」

However, I don’t dare to watch Torue’s cooking, so I decided to sit in a chair and waiting.

Torue unexpectedly came back around evening, just at the time when Brocel wants to rent the room to make dinner.

When Brocel was about to make the food, I said that Torue will make the food, so it’s okay, and right now, we were waiting for Torue’s cooking.

『Clung, clung』

Suddenly, I heard the sound of cutting vegetables.

I can’t help but hear that sound that usually so low, it was like a death sentence approaching me like a footstep.


Speaking of Brocel, he doesn’t know the horror of Torue’s cooking, so he doesn’t seems really care about it and just waiting for it’s to be done.


I had already started saying that but, I had some regret in my heart.

「It’s done…?」

While saying that, Torue served the dishes on the plate with uneasy looks.

By the way, the plate is just for Brocel.

I feel bad for Torue but, I don’t want to die just yet.

「Then, I’ll gladly accept it.」

Brocel brought the food in front of him to his mouth.

After watching Brocel chewing for a few time, ーー he suddenly froze.


Before freezing, he opened his eyes and mouth a bit.

……Ah, was it that harsh?

I feel sorry to let him eat Torue’s food, I will apply recovery magic afterward.


At that time, I felt a little reaction from Brocel.

To be able to withstand Torue’s cooking, I could see his mouth trembling a little.


He seemed to mutter something but I couldn’t hear it.


I get closer to Brocel’s mouth to hear what he’s saying.



When I was that close, Brocel suddenly shouting.

An unbelievable word was spoken.

「De, delicious…?」

Panicking, I asked Brocel.

「Ah, It’s delicious! This really is delicious!!」

While answering with a loud voice, Brocel once again put Torue’s cooking into his mouth.


I’m convinced there.

Brocel, maybe the other beastman too, have a strange sense of taste.


Ah, my dinner……