Seijo no Kaifuku Chapter 110

Brocel is a fine bride.

TL: Chinozuku
ED: FrozenInk

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「Which one should I choose……?」

I came to a specialty store to rent a carriage.

If I were asked why would I need to rent a carriage, to go to the capital, is my answer.

And if I were asked why do you need to go to the capital, to help Brocel find his little sister.

「Ah, uncle, what should I do to rent a carriage?」

I asked an uncle who was a shop owner that just passed by.

It would be useless for an amateur like me to continue doing what I don’t know.

「Hmm, ah, carriages, huh. Sorry but, the carriage have been fully reserved. There are no more available space.」


I didn’t expect to stumble at the first stage, I responded with a strange voice.

When I listen to the uncle’s story, the next available carriage is in 3 days, just in case, I made the reservation and went home.

「I’m homeー…… huh?」

The home becomes cleaner compared to before I left to rent a carriage.

It was my imagination, I thought for a moment but, various places has become cleaner.

I felt the floor was shining a bit.


Right now, Aura, Lily, and Torue aren’t home.

Apparently, Aura was not good with beast ear, and Lily is unexpectedly dislike beast ear as well.

On the contrary with the two, Torue seems to not hate beast ear, the reason she’s not here is because she’s going to meet them.

Then, who did the cleaning?


A noise was heard from the kitchen.

I walked slowly toward the kitchen as to not make any noise.

「……I’m done.」

Unexpectedly, there was a familiar figure, Brocel.

「…Wh, what are you doing?」

「Ah, I was thinking of doing housework since I’m indebted to you.」

Brocel suddenly replied to me without any surprised feeling.

Speaking of which, beastman are excellent in all five senses, I guess thanks to that he knew me.

「That said, you cleaned this house too?」

「That’s me.」

Continuing to cook, he replied to me without looking back.


I honestly think that Brocel was really amazing.

Even though I can cook, I probably couldn’t do the cleaning like this, Aura and the others could probably do the same but, the one who did it was a man.

Brocel would be a good bride, is what I thought deep in my heart.

「Nest hasn’t eaten any breakfast, right?」

「Aah, I haven’t eaten anything.」

As Brocel said, I haven’t eaten any breakfast.

I went to the carriage shop first thing in the morning but it was a wasted effort.

「Then, Nest will eat this, right?」

While showing me the food, he made the proposal.

「Hm, then, is it okay for me to take it?」

「Aah, I made a lot.」

「Oh, thank you.」

I take up to Brocel’s offer and took some food.

Right when the food was just finished, Brocel steadily serves the dishes on the plate.

Delicious steam drifted from the plate, inciting my appetite.


I unintentionally made a sound.

「And hup.」

「…Then, without further ado.」

After confirming Brocel has sat, I only told him a word, and firstly, took a bite.

The softness of the dish melts on my tongue.

The smell remains on my nose.

Then, the taste of the dishes spread all over my mouth.

「Th, this isー」

I’m fully aware of what I’m eating but, I couldn’t help but say it.


「――――――――――――――――This is bad.」

Brocel’s dishes are appealing at a glance but it was horrible.