Chapter 73

Chrebl meditation gathering for 【Spirit magic】 / Maid remodeling plan

Translator: Kirisaki Shin
Editor: Mayonaize Shrimp

「Katsu ka〜tsu!」

A zen stick is struck down along with my voice.

「Aah」Julia-kaasan groaned as she slapped by the zen stick.

Right now, we were inside an empty underground room.

Inside the vacant room, which was dark even during daytime, Alfred-tousan, Julia-kaasan, and Chester-niisan sat in meditating position.

「Concentrate! At the same time, release yourself. That way, the voice of the spirit will come naturally」

Melby state that advice.

What are we doing?

Obviously, we were doing a workshop training to learn 【Spirit Magic】.

This room is underground, which is the easiest place in the mansion to hear the voice of the spirit.

Inside this place, just like the time when I learned 【Spirit Magic】, I made these 3 people do zen meditation, with their eyes half closed they extinguished their heart, in this condition they can earnestly ask the spirit to hear their voice.

Even so, it will be to too harsh if I made the menu completely same with mine, so I gave them a break every 30 minutes.

I walked behind them and swung the zen stick to the people who lost the concentration… But well, that’s all I am doing now.

and here’s the result.

first was Chester nii-san, and then Alfred tou-san were able to hear the voice of the spirit.

as for Julia kaa-san, she couldn’t get the【Spirit Magic】that day.

the result order is affected by the deepness of the elf blood

【Telepathy】 is a bit trickier, Chester nii-san was able to grasp it somehow but he still didn’t get the acquisition for it. Meanwhile Father, and mother still didn’t get the clue at all.

「Aaaaaaaaaah!」 It is was rare for Julia kaa-san to groaning groan like that.

However, it took so many days for me to get the acquisition of 【Spirit Magic】 and 【Telepathy】 as well.

There would be no predicament if they could use it immediately.

Even when I said so, the other day I was able to teach【Enhancement Magic】 to Julia kaa-san in one try.

there is no doubt that mother had an outstanding talent for magic, but the knack for【Spirit Magic】 was unlike the normal magic, it could be considered a more passive style than active.

That was why, as a muscle-brained magician, it might be a little hard for mom to understand it.

Some Time had passed while the zen stick kept slapping Mother’s shoulders who groaning.

And that closed the first Chrebl meditation gathering for 【Spirit magic】.

Chester nii-san was impressed.

「I wasn’t able to learn 【telepathy】 but my heart feel clean somehow」

Now, let’s change place to the courtyard inside the mansion.

As a soldier, a training space was prepared in the courtyard inside the viscount Alfred Chrebl mansion.

Right now, the only people here is just me and Steph.

「Today, I will begin to train Steph」

「Ple-please take care of me」

Steph bowed her head down.

「Because today is the first time, I am calling a special guest to come」

「Fuhohoho, I am the patrol priest of samsara temple known as Solo Atora Abaddon ja」

「Eetto, I had seen priest Solo in the mansion before」

I heard that priest solo is conducting 【Oracle】 and 【Aptitude Diagnosis】 in the surrounding village around Phono City right now.

He just got back to the Phono City today, and I made a request for him to conduct 【Aptitude Diagnosis】on Steph.

After he got the consent from Steph and gave the usual advice, priest solo began to conduct the 【Aptitude Diagnosis】immediately.

I thought she wasn’t suited to fight because she is a docile girl, but the 【Aptitude Diagnosis】 result from priest Solo is,

「The aptitude for large weapon is quite high.

However it is not as much as Chester with his bow or Julia with her 【Fire Magic】……

And then, the aptitude for earth, fire, water and wind, 4 attribute magic is balance and quite high」

「… So, it’s pretty much suit for battle…」

「Yes. with her potential ability, she able to target more than a B rank adventurer」

Although she was not genius like Julia kaa-san or Chester nii-san on either sword or magic, it looks like she had an aptitude to reach a first class. In the end everything will depend on her effort.

I felt it will be like this if I convert it to usual aptitude table.

S: None

A: Big weapon (Great Sword, Halberd), sword, earth, water, fire, wind

B: Light, dark, thunder, spear

C: Bow, gun, melee combat, throwing, perception, magic engineering, magic sense

Z: Reconnaissance, spirit, mind, soul

Priest Solo was making a request to reveal a minor aptitude and investigate it, it’s to make other people completely understand their aptitude table.

by the way, when priest Solo saw the aptitude table that I wrote at a paper, with excitement he said 「It’s easy to understand!」.

How about making this as a standard result of the 【Aptitude Diagnosis】?

And when I tried to proposed this idea, the color on his eyes changed and shouted 「Nice idea!」.

It seems so far the priest was using different ways of doing things, and it was difficult to compare the results with each other.

Priest solo also take a look if there’s thunder or gun aptitude in Alfred tou-san, Julia kaa-san, chester nii-san, Elemia and Donna, it seems not many people have an aptitude for it.

The result is, for Thunder, father C, mother B, nii-san C, Elemia B, Donna B and for the gun, father A, mother C, nii-san S, Elemia A, Donna C, of course nii-san, father and Elemia is certainly had an aptitude for it.

In that case, it’s not only for Chester nii-san, but I also need to prepare the gun for father and Elemia for self defense.

「At any rate, the ability of priest solo is convenient isn’t it?

I want to hire priest Solo if I could」

「I am glad that you said so, but hiring the priest of samsara temple is considered as a taboo by the royal decree」

「……Then, how about priest Solo teach me 【Oracle】 and 【Aptitude Diagnosis】?」

「I’d like to teach you, but there’s a rule that said it shouldn’t be taught to those who doesn’t belong to the temple.

However, you had learnt various things.

As a replacement, let me tell you how to learn god-type skill such as【Treatment】and 【Recovery Magic】, I will give you an introduction letter for Miyako temple.」

We completely spend that day to talk about skill with priest Solo. In the end, Steph’s intensive training would be held next time.

Well then, before we talk about Steph, I hoped you will listen a little bit about my own growth plan.

In my previous life, I played many fighting games as a hobby, but I had pass through the fight as it is so far, but I think there’s a lot of difference between game and actual fight.

The characters in the fighting game are not simple martial artists, they are superhuman who breathe fire or thunder, extend hands and feet, or shoot energy bombs using qigong or super power. (Tn: street fighter)

However, real human and character from fighting game ー especially from Mark 8 has a different point in combat.

The magician in mark 8 had a status character is like a superman and was able to create and shoot fireball.

If they able to master magic, their combat ability will surpassed that game character even when they are fighting in one on one situation.

In fact, if it’s me now then I am sure I can win if I fight with that game character.

However, for a fighter in the mark 8, game character also had a way to fight.

And that is… a guard.

In fighting game, just set the lever to the back or press the guard button and you will be able to block the attack from enemy.

Of course, you will take a damage when you receive sure kill technique from the enemy, but it much better than direct hit.

even if get shot with a fireball, receive a thunder, get hit with a qigong, or knife and kunai was thrown at you, it will just be a scratch if you guard it.

However, unlike the fighter in Mark 8, we couldn’t do such a thing in reality.

If 《Flame Lance》 get a direct hit then it will burn the place where he is guarding, and if he receive the knife that was thrown at him, then he will get stabbed.

If the level of 【Skill Thread Technique】is high, even if it’s fortified shield or armor, it will be able to mercilessly cut at the soft part like clothes or meat by precisely targeting at the gap.

For that reason, at the battle in Mark 8, there will be guts flying when you receive an attack from enemy. (Tn: sounds like mortal combat.)

No, if you step down more further, in the first place, it will be ideal if you take down the enemy by attacking the gap.

in short, 「Do it before he do it」, that’s the important point of the battle in Mark 8.

So, what happens?

Reading the situation in the fighting game is a part of tactic on how to break the enemy guard.

In other words, that’s the basic why the guard is strong as it is.

If we had a technique that ignore the guard and give a damage to the enemy, fighting game will be quite boring now.

If such technique is exist, than middle and low option, grappling, tear off or throwing will lose its merit, fighting game will be a slugfest game where the character rampage faster than the other.

And, it is not read as “Hitting games”, it’s the reality of the battle in Mark 8.

Of course, since it was a battle that wager my life, I didn’t want to 「Read」 if the result of losing that reading is an instant death, but if guard is possible, it is no doubt that the range of tactic will spread widely.

Do it before he do is not only about 「before and before」, but how you dare take an attack from enemy than stab at the gap, with 「after and before」, counter is also born as an option.

Also, to break the enemy attack, you need to kill the enemy without question and make them helpless.

I understand that I don’t know how much resentment Gazaine get after killed all the opponent that attacked him, but I had seen how Gazaine live, and how he died.

I don’t know who will come to kill me, or my way of live is at risk with junkie like Gazein, I can’t do it at all, I didn’t want to think about it.

Therefore, I thought to establish a way for a non-killing attack, and when they receive the attack, rendered them helpless (using electric shock etc) and we can scold them later.

For that reason, I was taking a lesson about 【Space Magic】from Melby.

According to melby, 【Space Magic】 is 「an image that change the thickness of the space」.

「Even I said thickness, it’s not about the deep you know? The length and wide of the inside, or sometimes change the 4th direction… that’s how you change the thickness」

「So it’s about 4 dimension」

Speaking of 4 dimension, I thought about a pocket of a cat-shaped robot in anime.

I will try with that image.

In my hand there’s my birthday present from mother, a composite rod that combine a rod and magic crystal, it’s quite easy to control my mana with it.

「when you can maintain this operation permanently, you can open the road to get 【Dimension Magic】.

from there, it is just 1 more step to use the dimensional storage.」

When she said so, all of sudden my motivation grew up.

For me who use various skill, dimensional storage is a skill that I wanted so much.

Since I will use throwing, staff, bow, spear, dagger, flying sword, and gun in near future, it’s necessary to use this 7 things depending on the situation.

At that time, it was taking more times whenever i ask something to Melby-san

Melby was mostly able to predict and take out what i need, but it still take more time to give it to me, and there’s a possibility that Melby is not beside me.

「By the way, can a living things enter the dimensional storage?」

usually in the reincarnation story, the ability like inventory, Space storage, Dimensional storage, etc often has a limitation 「Can’t stored living things」.

also, there’s a limitation like 「Time is stopped inside the storage」.

No, maybe it was more suited to be called benefit rather than limitation.

「it’s able to enter you know? Tusharavati-chan able to enter it right?」

「Aah, Toshiya is also a living things isn’t it?… for the time being」

「What do you mean by for the time being?! And don’t called Tusharavati-chan with a weird name like that!」(Tn: I think Melby doesn’t have a naming sense.

Editor: I agree)

「The time inside the dimensional storage didn’t stop isn’t it?」

「What kind of theory that able to stop the time? but maybe master can do it」

If I recalled it again, dimension was only expanding the space, there’s no theory that it can stop the time.

If it’s Alfeshia-san, who is the 「Master」 of Melby, she must be able to do it.

At any rate, I will stop my time by myself.

「According to the goddess, if I use it right, it can be applied as a defense measure」

「even for physical attack or magic attack, if you spread it in 4 direction, it definitely can become a protection.

the problem is whether you can do such operation quickly or not.」

「it will be convenient if it’s the same like peeling off the barrier.

Wouldn’t we be invincible if we can develop a barrier that can stop any attack even it’s one piece of debris?」

「I understand that 【Dimension Magic】 is strong, but perhaps there are more superior skill than 【Dimension Magic】」

And that’s why, the dreams was extending to 【Space magic】, but learning【Dimension Magic】 was really difficult.

To begin with,

【What the heck is 『Dimension』?】

I heard a rumor that said, this world is a 3 dimension, or 4 dimension is a space and a time axle, or universe is actually an 11 dimension, so the dimension is not something that can be explained.

Surely, they know that they didn’t understand at all.

They can not said that there’s no more dimension other than 3 dimension.

however, I need to use 【Dimension Magic】 to get 【Space Magic】, physic knowledge is not necessary to use dimension.

the most important is the image.

So far, this is what I notice about leveling magic skill in this world.

Magic phenomenon can’t be explained by science.

For example is the fire breath of the fire dragon, the fire is more powerful than in my previous world.

It was impossible to take out enough power that can melt a rock with flame thrower in the previous world.

If fire breath is just a sudden materialization of fire oxidation phenomenon, I think it will be impossible for flame dragon to make a nest with it.

I think it was an ability that have a concrete image of 「Red-hot flame that able to melt a rock」.

The point is, Magic phenomenon is not a natural phenomenon.

Magic is not super ability that able to cause a natural phenomenon, it easy to think it as… a super ability that able to…. cause supernatural phenomenon.

A phenomenon that looks like a natural phenomenon, but not caused by the natural phenomenon, could be said as paranormal phenomenon.

Therefore, at the time when you imagine the effect of the magic, if it was bounded by the science knowledge from the previous life, the width of the phenomenon will be narrowed.

Of course, imagining the action mechanism of the phenomenon scientifically can amplify the power and save MP, science is not a bad thing sometimes.

「Speaking of occult, there’s also the matter about presence isn’t it….」


「Un, Melby, what is the presence?」

「Even you ask me what it is… is it a weak sign that emit from living things?」

Melby didn’t seem to have another pin, but this is what it is.

I was able to bend the light using 【Light Magic】 to deceive the vision.

Also, make a silence barrier using 【Wind Magic】, it was able to not let sound leaking.

In short, if this two combined, it was able to make a situation that interfering sense of hear and vision.

Silence barrier was able to cut off the air, neither body odor or temperature will leak to outside.

therefore, scientifically, by piling up 【Mirage】 and 【Sound Coat】it will be possible to interfere the sense of the people outside.

However, with that condition, 【Sense presence】 is able to sense that 「presence」.

I didn’t want to say what is 「presence」, this is not manga after all, in reality I was able to use 【Sense Presence】 to sense a presence, so I only need to keep thinking like that.

Miguel was also able to detect the presence by using【Qigong】.

In that guy case, perhaps he didn’t use skill but using instinct.

I also learnt 【Qigong】 from Miguel, but it was difficult.

It’s difficult to learn【Qigong】by myself, that’s why I need Miguel who have pure intuition to teach me, it was not easy to get the image.

moreover, I also received a lesson about 【Defense】 from Beck.

Beck and Miguel have a different theory, but in the end it something like 「Believe in god」, 「A strong intention to protect a comrade」or 「A conviction that none of the attack will pass through」, so far there was no sign that it was able to be learned at all.

Generally, I need to take an attack by myself to practice, but it was a big hurdle for me who didn’t have the guts.

Beck casually strike with his lance and said 「Let’s go!」, but because of【Discern】 and 【Danger Sense】skill, I reflexively avoid that.

To begin with, even if I didn’t get 【Defense】skill, there’s no way I had 「a conviction to not run from any kind of attack」.

【Defense】 need to had a「a conviction to not run from any kind of attack」, there will be a dilemma if I had 「a conviction to not run from any kind of attack」 but didn’t get 【Defense】 skill.

I see, as expected of legendary class skill, it will be difficult to learn it.

By the way, when I asked Beck how he learn it, he said 「That conviction comes naturally when he was looking at his father’s back」, actually this 【defense】seems to be a technique that passed from father to his child in Won house who has become a knight that protect Sonorato for generation.

「You don’t have to do it like this…」

Said julia kaa-san who enter in panic when see Beck waving his spear to a straw bunk wrapped in a rope.

When I see Julia kaa-san untie the rope with a tear in her eyes, I thought I was overdoing it, though I decide to give up to learnt 【Defense】 for now, but the truth is, I want to get 【Defense】 as my trump card.

「Why are you so obsessive to raise the skill? even though I think that you are already strong enough 」

Even though Julia kaa-san said so, but I thought that I am still not strong enough.

I was often remembering the television broadcast that goddess showed me before.

That random attacker, Kizaki Tooru, was a dangerous man more than I imagined.

If I didn’t do everything I can do now, then I can’t sleep even with an expensive pillow.

……No, I didn’t need to sleep, but it was just a figure of speech.

When I woke up I will work hard to practice and raise my skill, at the beginning father, mother, Steph, and Elemia is just looking with worry, but then, they know I didn’t get tired and didn’t need to sleep, so they just leave me as it is.

I feel lonely, but thanks to that I can raise my skill in the middle of the night.

Also, in the middle of the night I ask Melby to change the place to fairy town to not bother the neighborhood, and use the time effect in fairy town to raise the skill level more efficiently.

……Un, don’t say it.

I know.

It was too straightforward.

Thanks to【No Fatigue】 I didn’t feel tired at all, but it will be weird for people who usually get tired.

As the goddess-sama said, it was not necessary to spend this second life just to fight with that random attacker, because of that I try to focus training at night, and during daytime, I will spend time together with other people as much as possible.

I tried to find business material from my previous life and talked about it with father, practiced magic with mother, try to endlessly keep joining hands with Elemia, took a lesson together with Donna about【Pharmacy】 from Ganash jii, or learnt 【Twin sword Technique】 from Moria-san in the adventurer guild.

Un, when I try to list it, it still about raising my skill in the end, but I think it’s not a pain. Rather it was so much fun to discover new things everyday.

and then, I also continued to give Steph a special training between my special training.

First to use【Sorcery】, Steph need to learn 6 basic attribute 【Fire Magic】【Water Magic】【Wind Magic】【Earth Magic】【Light Magic】【Dark Magic】.

After that, it has been decided that she will accustom herself by using each magic everyday.

sometime when I saw her hit a wall, I gave an instruction to keep using 【Sorcery】 to raise the skill.

For her to use 【Sorcery】, I need to supply Steph with my MP, 10 times in 1 day.

Thanks to that, although Steph is only level 1 with 7 MP, she was able to practice for numerous times.

When the MP was depleted, the next thing was to practice with weapons.

For the time being, I had prepared a suitably great sword, but at first I was wondering whether Steph could swing it using her thin arms or not.

However, surprisingly, Steph was able to swing that great sword without a problem.

「Fuuu! it was surprising desu」

Even Steph herself was surprised by this.

After that, I tried to ask if she has an idea about it, and to tell you the truth, she said that a blood of beast man is flowing in Steph’s family line.

For a proof, there’s a few hair growing in her tailbone, and there are two small cobs on her forehead ー that horn seems hurt.

As expected she can’t show me her tailbone, but Steph pushed her hair and show me two small cobs.

「Can you see it?」

「Is it…… this? I will not know it if you didn’t tell me」

Even when I try to use 【Appraisal】 on Steph, the race only comes out as human, so the blood was really thin.

「Although there is no horn or tail, physical strength will appear as long as you have a blood of beast man」

「Maybe it is like that desu」

Steph put back her hair when she said that.

「Priest Solo, is this common?」

Whenever priest solo was coming to the Phono city, he will come to the mansion to play.

Well, it was not going out to play, but he had interested in me who originally raise the skill to work for the goddess Atrazenek who govern samsara, the person himself said that, the conclusion is he just curious about the skill that I raise.

Even so, after that, I was asking priest Solo who has a deep knowledge about skill, so there is also enough merit for me.

「That’s right, but it is rare.

Although it is not just elf but the part with elves blood have the effect of sharp perception, or like this lady, beast man blood able to give powerful strength or have powerful body.

However, in the end, whether it is a category of the individual difference or because of blood, it seems there are many things that couldn’t be said.

the point is, it is unusual to have ability with powerful strength like that.」

「Is it possible to have the aptitude for large weapon means including this power? 」

「No, that is different.

Aptitude is aptitude, and blood is blood.

Unfortunately, even though there is an aptitude, it’s a shame that race attribute is difficult to use.

Even so, in magic attribute, fire is given preferential treatment, and sword and spear are honored for knights, whether there’s a demand from public or not, aptitude could be utilized depending on how they live, but most people gave some conflict about aptitude and reality.

In the case of this lady, it’s the opposite.

It’s a good example of how aptitude and blood able to fit so well.」

So, it was decided that Steph will use a great sword as weapon, the target is to learn magic along side with great sword.

According to priest Solo, 【Great Sword technique】 exist, but in fact it is normal to get 【Sword Technique】.

As you can imagine, Steph was able to swing the sword with extraordinary power, but there’s no awareness when using that great sword, normal people able to use great sword by intuition and 【Sword Technique】.

I wanted to try what would happen if she held bigger weapon than this, but maybe it will become a burden for Steph, so I will try to make her have 【Sword Technique】 first.

Because I also didn’t have 【Sword Technique】, I couldn’t be the one to teach her.

So, I asked Alfred tou-san who have 【Sword Technique】 5, and I asked Steph to watch him.

I was also taking the lesson, and learnt 【Sword Technique】 together with Steph.

With that plan, this is the result of training Steph for 1 month,

Stephani Poporus (Maid of Chrebl Family, The daughter of village mayor of Trenadette)

Level 1

HP 8/8

MP 7/7



【Sword Technique】3

【Fire Magic】3

【Water Magic】3

【Wind Magic】3

【Earth Magic】3

【Light Magic】3

【Dark Magic】3

It became a quite beautiful status.

From here, I will take Steph to the samsara temple as planned

It was to synthesis the skill of 6 attribute magic.

Because Steph originally had a sketchy personality, so perhaps it will be troublesome to grow several skill simultaneously.

In that case, as an experiment for 【Skill Magic】, I thought to make Steph get the acquisition for 【6 Basic Attribute Magic】.

Whenever you want to take a consultation, ask the priest in the temple, and have her lend a private room with an altar.

And then, open Steph status with 【Appraisal】, and use 【Skill Magic】.

And then, 【6 Basic Atrribute Magic】 oーtte, nnnnn!?

《【Fire_Magic】3+【Water_Magic】3+【Wind_Magic】3+【Earth_Magic】3+【Light_Magic】3+【Dark_Magic】3+【Sword_Technique】3→Class 〈wagic warrior〉E▽

do you want to synthesize? yes/no》


Class? Magic Warrior?

Wait a moment, what happened?

When In the middle of thinking, I notice ▽ in the【Appraisal】result, then I focused my consciousness at there.

《Class: Comprehensive of battle skill based on the characteristic of fighting style.

In frozen state for 951 years because of the user is only minority.


I focus again on ▽.

《Gift is necessary to defrosting 〈Magic Warrior〉 class.

Please select the status to be reduced to gift.

Next, it showed my status window screen.

The rest of the skill, HP and MP, and level was able to be reduced to a gift.


「Yes, what’s wrong?」

「Is priest solo here?」

「oh an acquaintance? Priest Solo will come this afternoon… Ah, he has come」

The priest-san was calling priest Solo who just enter the temple.

「Wha-what happened?」

Steph and priest Solo was coming and ask, then I explained what happened just now.

As I explained, there was a wrinkle in the eyebrows of priest Solo, and his mouth become half-opened in the end.

「Ma, magic warrior…….」

Come to think of it, it was a legendary existence isn’t it?

The class was a unique system that people never heard, furthermore, it was frozen, it’s no wonder there’s nobody who know about it.


I was worry that the person himself didn’t seem to understand it well ー I want to try it.

For Steph who is not good at small detail, maybe rough class is more suited for her

Since the skill column can be compressed, I hope it will be more faster to leveling the skill (class?).

I want to have 【Sense Presence】, but let’s try not to take other skills as much as possible.

「Steph, this is not an order, but do you want to try magic warrior?」

「Magic warrior….. it’s like a hero in the picture book that dad read for me when I was still a little」

So it’s hero Steph ha.

I wonder if such a gentle girl could become a good hero.

Although there are various anxiety, priest Solo was so excited until he get a nosebleed, and Steph didn’t dislike it, so I use 【Skill Magic】to synthesize 〈Magic Warrior〉 class.

For the Skill that need to be sacrifice, I choose my new 【Sword_Technique】, but it’s not enough, so after choosing with trouble, I choose 【Martial Arts】.

The skill level of 【Martial Arts】 was dropping from 7 to 4, but it seems the needed gifted had gathered.

Jakkishi, I heard the same sound as when synthesize the skill.

I use 【Appraisal】 on Steph.

Stephany Poporus (Maid of Chrebl Family, The daughter of village mayor of Trenadette)

Level 1

HP 23/23(8+15)

MP 22/22(7+15)



〈Magic Warrior〉E(NEW!) (A combat style that show an explosive attack power combining various magic, weapon and fighting technique. As the rank goes up, not only fire power but also flexibility and responsiveness will be able to adapt in various situation. On the other hand, the fighting ability didn’t consume too much MP. Every time the rank goes up, +15 will be added to HP and +15 will be added to MP.)


It was acquired properly.

No, Instead, I should say that she really acquired it….

Just to make sure, I asked priest Solo to use 【Oracle】on Steph and check her status, and of course the result is the same with my 【Appraisal】.

「……Magic Warrior ja no」

「Magic Warrior desu ne」

「Magic Warrior desu ka」

Priest Solo was burned out with a blank pupil, I hid my complex emotion with calm tone, Steph was become half puzzle and half absentminded, and our mouth said that words.

ー So, the magic warrior Steph was born with a blast.