Kein Chapter 19

Capturing the Saintess

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「No! I will pledge myself to Kein-sama!」

Even after being pulled by the Sword Princess Anastrea, the Saintess doesn’t let go of Kein.

「Even though you are usually obedient, just why are you so stubborn today?!」
「Princess Ana cannot pull me away, no matter how hard you pull!」

Being jostled by three distinctive beauties, Kein screams.
No matter how beautiful the other party is, being caught in the middle of the tremendous power of S Rank Adventurers makes one scream in pain.

「Hey Master, you too. Don’t ignore me and help me instead!」

Even though Kein called out to the Master for help, he saw a sight beyond human understanding.The Master began polishing the beer mugs making squeaky sounds while acting like he doesn’t see anything. (ED: This Tavern Master is a real boss, truly exemplary behaviour)
He truly is a tavern’s Master that is used to the troubles Adventurers bring forth.

Because he wouldn’t be of any help when meddling with the Sword Princess, this was the right decision.

The other adventurers in the tavern glanced over to see the source of the turmur but after they saw Kein being equipped with high-class equipment and being surrounded by beautiful female Adventurers, they decide to let it slide.

Adventurer Rule #1 for good adventurers: Never involve yourself with troublesome matters that you do not understand.
Each of those present is an excellent Adventurer.

They tried to finish the fight quickly lest the furniture in the Tavern gets damaged.
The Saintess Sephilia, who didn’t let go of Kein like a turtle biting on its food, was finally torn off.


Kein also tries to speak up at the unordinary appearance of Sephilia.
The face of the red haired girl who tries to grab onto Sephilia turns completely red like a boiled octopus after making eye contact with Kein.

「I-It has been a long time. For that time, thank you.」

Her voice is turned inside out.

Even though the red haired girl seems to know Kein, he wonders whether he did something which he needed to be thanked for.
Kein cannot remember her even though he feels like he has seen her before.

Furthermore, it is troubling for him to be greeted while Sephilia is still squeezing him.

「Argh, I cannot do it like this. Hey, you too Sephilia, cut this out.」

Sephilia is being dragged outside by Anastrea, like a huge disappointment as her eyes are getting wet because of being squeezed too tightly.
(I wonder whether it’s alright to leave that alone.)

「Really, I’m so sorry that our side always brings trouble to you!」 (TLN: Maya is talking in a Kansai dialect but my English isn’t good enough to express that… Just imagine her to talk a little bit like a country bumpkin (I think).)(ED: A countryside person?)

The Witch Maya who has been left behind lowers her head.

「No, that’s fine. You are a friend of the Saintess, aren’t you?」(TLN: He addresses Sephilia in a respectful way.)(ED: Typical Kein, he’ll be polite to a robber)

「Yes. My name is Maya and I’m a Witch.」

This child is decent.
But Kein strongly has to think about the part of her being a Witch.

(I thought that she was a wizard because she carried a wand but I never really asked about the occupation of a witch before so I’m not that informed about that job.
I feel like I have heard about it before, but I guess if there are Saintesses there are also Witches.)

「The Witch Maya…understood. I seemed that the Saintess wished to talk to me about something important?」

As to be expected of Kein, he didn’t think that Sephilia came on her own to confess her feelings for him.
Being hugged out of nowhere was surprising for Kein, but he felt something way more amazing.
Although it was interfered midway, Kein felt something mysterious and nostalgic the moment Sephilia touched Kein’s body.(TLN: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )(ED: So he IS a healthy young man)

‘What might the「Pledge」the Saintess talked about be?’(ED: It’s exactly as you’re thinking)(TLN/ED: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )(ED: < My label in the lenny face was a compromise because TLN won’t let me use his tag, but his name first)(TLN: Ravioli Ravioli, don’t lewd the Big Boob Saintess Loli)

It is easy for Kein to conclude that there has to be another reason for a 13 years old Saintess to cling onto an old man like him beside her just being clingy. Also, the way the red-haired girl desperately said 「I told you it isn’t fair of you to get a head start by yourself!」there are only conversations that are completely out of question.

「Again, I’m so sorry. That kid is like that sometimes…」 (TLN: Again, Kansai dialect.)(ED:We know, you’re bad XD, is the difference like the difference between Cowboy speech and regular english?)

She gestures her finger circling around her head. (TLN: You know, that gesture which indicates that someone is crazy. I don’t know how to say it otherwise.)(ED: I believe the term is cuckoo, the gesture you mentioned.) (TLN: Ah, yes it is.)


(I take back what I said earlier. Even though I thought that this child is decent, she seems to have quite the poisonous tongue.)
Kein thinks for a second that this way of wording might be a bit mean towards that Saintess.

「Well, that’s how it is so please don’t mind it. Well then, I’ll excuse myself」(TLN: I really have to learn how to write Slang…)(ED: Like texas speech?) (TLN: Maybe?)

As Kein wanted to say something, Maya vanished into thin air the same way she appeared in the first place.

「Those kids… just what was that supposed to be about……Also, Master. Just now you ignored me when I asked for your help, didn’t you?」

The Master of the tavern『Bucks』poured a cold beer into a beautifully polished mug and calmly said「My treat」.(ED: Ah, the classic ‘Make’em drunk so they forget about it’ maneuver, good move barmaster)(TLN: Exactly XD)