Kein Chapter 18

The runaway Saintess

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Saintess Sephilia wandered around the city of Erun alone for the first time in a while. 

Because she’s always with the Sword Princes Anastrea and the witch Maya, she just couldn’t find the time to talk to Kein, forget about even meeting with him.

Even though it visibly became harder for Sephilia to walk, her feet felt light.

Kein is Sephilia´s destined one.

She believes that as long as she manages to keep walking, she is going to be able to reach Kein.

Whether it was fate or a mere coincidence, Sephilia´s ears heard Kein´s familiar voice.

The place Sephilia peeks into just happens to be Kein´s favourite bar『Buck’s』.

「Hey Kein, this story is just between us.」
「What is it Master, suddenly being so polite?」

「Is the rumour true, according to which you are a secret agent from the kingdom?」(ED: LOL, Kein as a secret agent would be too funny)

Because the master asked so with an extremely serious face, Kein spurted out the beer which was in his mouth.

「About that story, the Adventurer Guild officially announced that it wasn’t me who took down the 『Twin-Headed Snake』Group!」(ED: Sure they did, but who believes the authorities?)

Because that information became too complicated and troublesome, the Guild looked away from it and denied it.

A series of incidents that are the result of the disposal of criminals have been publicly announced by the city council and a senior patrol official who has been transferred to the city of Erun.

It is still a mystery as for who set up the sign according to which Kein was the one who defeated them.

Really, that goes way too far for a mere joke.

「Well, after the 『Twin-Headed Snake』Group has been destroyed, all of their crimes have been exposed and all the members of the city council that was connected to them was imprisoned, so you can’t just shrug them off as rumors.」
「Please spare me. There is no way that’s the case.」

「Hahaha, I guess so. When I think about it, a secret agent wouldn’t hunt for herbals for 20 years in this town.」
「That’s right. I’m only an unknown Adventurer.」

「But still, aren’t you glad that you retired? Thanks to the rumor that you defeated Snake Head, there won’t be any idiot coming to this city for you.」
「Does that mean all’s well that ends well?」

(But it saves me, that I don’t need to hide the mythril equipment any longer.)
Thanks to the rumor, all kind of Adventurer parties flood Kein with requests to join them, which in turn troubles Kein.

Just a short while ago it he would have been grateful for the invitation of any strong party, but now it’s clearly impossible as the capability of those parties obviously is way too high.
Kein smiles bitterly at all of them who expect something of a herbs hunting D-Rank Adventurer.

「Recently, your money situation seems to be getting better, so isn’t that great?」

The things that Master is talking about probably are Kein´s sword and armor that are shining in a white gold luster.

「Both this weapon but also the armor are just something I look after. In the end I spent everything I earned from defeating the Evil Dragon.」
「I see, well there’s also that. I don’t want Kein to be too rich. If you go to a better shop and stop coming here, I´d become lonely.」

「Buck´s sake and rice are the best, so I´ll come whether I have money or not.」
「Hey, you´re saying something quite nice. It’s not a big deal, but this omelette is on me.」

Master, who adds plenty of Sauvage Grass and minced meat, gives out an omelette.
Even though the bar『Buck´s』looks like this, and its looks really cannot be flattered, they make sure that both their alcohol but also their food tastes good.

Moreover, even if muddy Adventurers come in and out, Master does not bother.
It’s also a pleasant service for Adventurers that the Master cooks, both the meat and also the fish which are brought by the customers, on the spot.

「Thank you, Master.」
「It’s fine. But, when you really don’t have any money, please spare me. It’s a rule from this shop that those without money don´t get to eat.」

Buck’s is a place where adventurers gather, so it does not work.
After all, an Adventurer is a profession where you never know when you are going to die.

「The omelette that Master makes is always delicious.」
「Haha, it’s just mixing and cooking like this, so no matter who makes it, it’s always the same.」

Kein and Master keep on talking.
The Saintess Sephilia, who was quietly waiting outside the shop, finally entered the store with courage after saying “Ei!”

Master calls out to the beautiful girl wearing a white robe who comes briskly into the shop that is crowded with adventurers as usual.

「Oh, what´s up young lady?」
「Well, um…..」

Sephilia who isn’t good at talking to people as usual, doesn’t know what to say.

「Oh my, if it isn´t the Saintess girl from back then.」

「Ehm, you can eat this, if you want to.」

Kein, who didn’t know what to do with the Saintess girl that suddenly appeared in front of him, offers his omelette that is cut in pieces.
Sephilia went quiet for a while after starting to eat the omelette, using fork and knife politely.

Because of the recent confession incident, Kein was a bit surprised but he gently looks at the omelette eating Sephilia.
Thus Kein becomes happy and continues to drink his beer slowly.


Sephilia mutters that it was really delicious.
After being born and staying in a convent for her whole life, and even after this last year in which she has been in a S Rank Party, this is the first time for her to taste such ordinary cooking.

「That’s good. If you are fine with something like this, I will treat you at any time.」
「Oi oi, sorry for it being something like this.」

Master laughs and throws in a Tsukkomi.
Of course, because he knows that it was a joke, Kein laughed and apologized, saying “my bad, my bad, Master’s cuisine is the best.”

「In order to return this to Kein-sama, I will….」

What Sephilia offered are six White Gold coins.

「What’s with this money?」
「I retrieved these from the 『Twin-Headed Snake』Group.]
The poor talker Sephilia often sounds like a child when talking to strangers.
However just from that Kein understand what she means.

Sephilia returns the money they took from him.
(Such a thing is…)

「So that’s it, you girls have defeated the『Twin-Headed Snake』Group, didn’t you?」

Sephilia nods with a ‘Kokun’.
It´s just as Sister Silvia said.

The Saintess properly saved the church.

「Then, I wonder if this money could be used for the sake of the church in this city. Even if the 『Twin-Headed Snake』Group disappeared, it hasn’t changed the fact that the management of the orphanage is suffering.」

The Saintess knows about Kein´s poor lifestyle.

「Oh, that’s right. Do not hand over the money as it is. If you don’t exchange it for goods beforehand, Sister Silvia will try to return the money to me.」

Being struck in the heart by those words, the Saintess Sephilia spills tears from her clear azure eyes.

「Kein-sama, I highly value your goodwill, modesty and dedication. You are a fitting partner for the Pledge of the Saint.」

The frustrated sound of her voice changed to a clear one.
Sephilia, who grew the completely compassionate expression of a Saint, hugged Kein tightly.

「Oi oi, even though it’s cheap, this is still an Adventurer Bar, don´t do it until you arrive at a hotel.」

Master tells a joke, that smells of an old man, to Kein, who is being embraced and getting embarrassed.
Saying one word too much is a bad habit of Master.

「Wait a moment, Sephilia!」
「I will not let you make a pledge!」

Finally the red haired Swordsman Anastrea and the purple haired Witch Maya find the runaway Saintess run hastily inside the shop and surround Kein.
Everyone who jumped at him seemed like a young lady, which caused a glittering display of beautiful girls.

「What’s this, when did Kein become so popular?」

Even Master who is used to arrogant behaviour thanks to the rowdy Adventurers, has his eyes rounded at this scene.