Kein Chapter 17

Case closed

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ED/TLN: For reasons unknown to the gods themselves, Kettern and I will be using coloured text from now on for our thoughts and comments during the chapter. So that they don´t stand out so much. At least I hope so. These have done nothing but stand out.

「Kein-san, did you sleep well last night?」
「Yes, thanks to you.」

Indeed, Kein was able to sleep soundly.

It was the first time in a while that I could sleep this well, surely not because this bed was softer than my usual bedding.

It is an embarrassing story, but because I became strongly conscious about Elena-san as a woman, I believe that I should not remember last night.

(TLN: The author changed the perspective from third person to first person in order to outline Kein´s personal thoughts)(ED: It gave us quite the headache)

Elena-san, who is as gentle as an angel, worried about Kein who is being targeted by the 『Twin-headed Snake』 Group, hid him in her own room and even consoled him after seeing him suffering from his guilt of murder.

After having an indecent delusion, Kein thinks that he should apologize.

However, after I entered the washroom in order to wash my face, a woman’s underwear was being dried, so I can’t help but become conscious of her.

Last night I was told that “Kein is a gentleman so it’s safe.

In order to respond to her trust, I intend to be careful about absolutely not creating that kind of atmosphere.(ED: isn’t that what she wants though?)(TLN: Yeah, it probably is.)

「Do you want to have breakfast with me?」
「Ehm, Elena-san, might it be that you think that I do not have any money?」

Kein obediently confessed that he spent the 6,000 Gold he earned after defeating the Evil Dragon by paying the debt of everyone at the church.(ED: I swear this guy is more innocent and pure than that saintess who’s in love with him. Yo TLN what’s the yandere forecast?) (TLN: Well, We have a 70% chance of confinement and a 30% chance of other girls approaching him.)(ED: RIP Kein?)(TLN: Not just Kein, the girls after him too.)

「Oh, is that so? It’s the same whether I make food for one or for two. Please do not worry about your daily life while staying here.」
「Even if you say so…」
「More importantly, promise me that you absolutely won’t go outside until it’s safe. Don’t even think about earning money!」

Having my hand held and being told so seriously, I didn’t have any choice beside saying “yes”.

「Absolutely, ok? I will go and make breakfast for a second and if Kein-san isn’t here when I come back I will cry.」

If Elena-san cried, Kein would be troubled.
Afterwards, Elena-san began preparing to go to work at once, after having baked and sliced bread and even prepared a soup and salad as breakfast.

Meanwhile, I wonder what I should do.
I will spare some time in order to maintain my Adventurer-ish tools, if I still have time after that I’ll read my botanical book, just when I thought so some visitors arrived.

「Kein?, Kein where are you?」

Silvia-san, with her long ears that are peculiar to High Elves, came over, wearing a short skirt and pretty nun clothes.

「Kein, thank you!」

Kein is suddenly being hugged

「What’s the matter, Sister!?」
「Kein! You really are my prided son!」

Silvia-san jumps into Kein’s arms and doesn’t let go of him.
It has already been around twenty years since the last time I’ve been embraced this strongly.

「No, ehm…」
「Silvia-san, Kein-san seems to be troubled.」

Elena clears her throat after watching the both of them

「Oh, I’m sorry. Now that I think of it, Kein already is an independent adult.」
「An adult, or more like an old man…」

As expected, Kein smiles wryly.
To Sylvia, a High Elf who lives for eternity, Kein probably will look like a child forever.

「Ufufu, but a little bit longer does not harm anyone. From when he was a child, Kein always was incredibly spoiled. If I did not hold him every night, he just wouldn’t fall asleep…
「That’s from 30 years ago, when I was still a child, isn’t it?」

Kein, who still could vividly remember Silvia strongly embracing him when he was 15 years old and didn’t want to let him go, hardly remembers anything that happened when he was a child.

「”When I am grown up, I’ll take you as my wife!”, in the past I heard that tens of thousands of times.」
「No, I’m pretty sure that I didn’t say that tens of thousands of times, but do you have to say so in front of Elena-san…?」

There is nothing more embarrassing than when parents talk about stories of their own children in front of strangers.
Elena giggles and laughs.

「That reminds me, Kein didn’t cling onto me that much anymore from when he was 13 years old. Thinking about it now, that was…」
「More importantly than that, just what is the matter!?」

Kein hurriedly wants to hear about the situation before he receives any more mental damage from hearing stories from long ago.
「When I asked the Adventurer Guild where Kein is, they told me you are here. I didn’t know that Kein became strong enough to take down Snake Head.」
「To take down Snake Head?!」

 Kein turns to Elena-san.
“I’ll check this out”, after saying so Elena hurriedly goes back to the guild.

「Kein-san! It seems to be true! Some guild officials already confirmed it. In the midst of last night, someone beheaded everyone who was part of the 『Twin-Headed Snake』Group, starting with Snake Head.」
「Oh, that’s great, isn’t it?」

Just who did such a thing?
Kein felt relieved as it probably was a hero.

「It seems like there was a big sign board which says “These villains have been taken down in the name of the Adventurer Kein”. The city is in a huge uproar.!」(ED: Lol, another “gift” from the princess) (TLN: Indeed)
「Eh?! No, I haven’t done anything like that!」

Elena-san, help me out here.

「Of course, I know that you was with me for the whole night. Kein-san went to the toilet once, but other than that, he didn’t leave the room.」

I’m glad to have an alibi.

It’s great that the『Twin-Headed Snake』Group has been destroyed, but Kein is troubled if they shove the responsibility to Kein.

「Ara, I totally thought it was Kein who beat them.」
「No, Silvia-san, you also know that I’m not that strong.」
「Hmpf, but it’s still strange, isn’t it?」
「What is?」

「It’s not strange that Kein could have snuck out, while Elena-san was sound asleep. I wonder why both of you have been together the whole time.」 (TLN: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )(ED: Yep, totally wondering why he didn’t leave)

Sister Silvia murmurs “It’s strange, isn’t i~t?” and smiles with satisfaction thinking about whatever she is imagining.
Kein desperately denies that.

「No, you are wrong. It’s not because we did something strange.」

It was hard to say nothing happened even though they slept in the same bed.
Kein’s facial expression becomes delicate.

Silvia heaves a big sigh after seriously looking at Keins face.

「Haah… There is no way that absolutely nothing happened after sharing a bed with such a beautiful woman.」
「It’s not that, Elena-san just hid me, because she was worried.」

「Yes, that’s right. I now know why Kein has always been single. If you are really troubled, come to me in order to get advice. The least I can do is help you find a wife.」

「No, I won’t marry the orphans of the church」

「If push comes to shove I’m fine with becoming your wife.」

Kein smiles wryly, not knowing whether it’s a joke or not.

「If it’s about finding a marriage partner, I’ll do it myself.」

There’s absolutely no hope for that to happen.
Kein wants to hold his head high in front of Silvia-san, who raised him.

「…That wasn’t a joke, you know?」(ED: Ah, the traditional dense protagonist, what a classic. Resembles you eh, Kettern?)(TLN: Don’t remind me of that, please.)(ED: XD Your mistake telling me about that.)

Silvia’s murmuring was too quiet for anyone to hear.