Chapter 1


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Kein, a middle-aged adventurer, is once again harvesting medicinal herbs as a quest from adventurer guild.

While packing medicinal herbs from the mountain into his bag, as much as possible he would let the goblins and other small fries pass by, but he would sometimes fight them.

「Oh, there’s a lot of wolfberry and sauvage grass」

He would also gather fruits and wild vegetables as his meal while taking on the request.

「Maybe I should ask Bacchus’s master to cook again」

Wolfberry is fine to eat as it is, but is often used as a dessert. It is a fruit that grows in the Kuko mountain.

Sauvage grass is the favorite of the tavern master of『Bacchus』, it has a bittersweet taste when lightly boiled, and is good as a side dish for sake

「I won’t even mind if it becomes an ingredient for omelet」

Just imagining it was enough to make him drool.

The request for gathering medicinal herbs didn’t make a lot of money which made it unpopular, but it was relatively safe to work for D rank adventurers, like Kein, to do by himself, and small jobs like this can last for a long time.

「Well then, I’ve taken enough for my share, the rest will be an offering」

Kein descended from the mountain and stopped at the small shrine in the entrance of the mountain.

He cleaned up a small statue in the small shrine, placed fresh wolfberry fruits as an offering, then joined his hands and prayed.

「I was able to end my adventure safely today, thank you」

The small shabby shrine that barely endured the rain and wind was made by Kein himself

Kein found an abandoned old god statue when he went up the mountain to harvest medicinal herbs, it appeared abandoned and worn out which reminded him of himself, thus he built a shabby shrine and prayed there.

He didn’t know what god it was, but when he cleaned it with the spring water from the mountain, it was a small and pretty statue.

If it was enshrined there, maybe it was the guardian god of that mountain.

「Well then……」

He took the old offering of fruits and buried it near the shrine.

That way it will eventually become a tree, the shrine will feel good having shade behind it.

「……Tte, eeh!」

Kein was surprised.

A big tree he’d never seen before had grown there.

It was a miracle.

perhaps it was a blessing from the god.

When Kein timidly approached it, he noticed there was only 1 big tree with 1 big fruit on it.

「Is it edible?」

It was an unusual fruit that even Kein who ran through hills and mountain to gather herbs didn’t know about.

For the time being, he plucked it and checked it in a pocket-size botanical book that he always carries around.

「This is, no way……」

there is only one related plant.

SSS rare『Resurrection fruit』

【The legendary plant that grows in the Kuko mountain. However, the tree will be wrapped in a mysterious veil and disappear after the fruit is picked. It is one of the rarest plants with highest difficulty discovery, it can be found only once in a decade. it’s famous as an ingredient for resurrection potion and『Drop of Life』, it’s market value is immeasurable.】

Kuko mountain is this mountain.

when he turned around, the tree that should be standing there has already disappeared.

Kein’s hand were trembling while holding the fruit.

「Is this really the rare item 『Resurrection fruit』?」

After knowing it, he said it with trembling voice.

It was hard to believe, it’s just like winning first prize in the lottery ten times.

If he sold this, Kein’s adventurer life will be safe.

he can also get a detached house with a small garden like he had always seen in his dreams.

He would even have enough money to drink, not a cheap ale but cold beer every night.

It made Kein gulp just from imagining the delicious large cold beer.

And then.

「None, none, none!」

And then a red-haired girl wearing a shining gold armor cutting the grass with her sword and came out from the mountain.

The scene is too much, Kein was surprised again and stopped his feet.

「Ano, is there something wrong?」

「Nee, uncle. Did you see a fruit like this? it should be growing somewhere in this mountain」

What was drawn in the picture the girl held in her hand was exactly the same with 『Resurrection Fruit』he just got.

「If it’s that then I just got it awhile ago」

「Really! Please, that’s what I was looking for! I will give you as much money as you want…… a, are」

Only a few silver coins fell even after the girl flipped her expensive leather purse.

「Is there something wrong?」

「Aah, I already used it to collect other material for resurrection potion. But I really need it, If she stays dead any longer, I can’t revive my friend!」

「I see」

Looking at the appearance of a girl who appealing with teary eyes, it seems that she is an adventurer like Kein.

She must have lost her friend after doing an unreasonable adventure.

It was a common thing for adventurer.

And the resurrection potion is too expensive for adventurer to get.

Even Kein who is now known as 『Kein the Herb Harvester』also had a time when he was still a beginner adventurer.

Altena……, Kein muttered this name for the first time in a while.

The red-haired girl in front of him reminded him of a girl he failed to protect 20 years ago.

「From your appearance, it looks like you are an adventurer of this town right? Then you know about me right?」

The girl confidently said it, but unfortunately, Kein didn’t know her.

And yet, her appearance of trying to help her friend looks a little dazzling for this ojii-san.

「Then, I’ll give it to you」

「I swear by the name of the sword princess, Anastrea, I will return this favor, eh?」

The girl who had a grim face opened her mouth and looked at me.

「Well, I’ll give it to you, I just happened to pick it after all」

「Do you know how expensive this 『Resurrection fruit』is? It’s enough to buy a castle you know」

He was sure if the young girl can’t buy it, she would continue searching for it in the depths of the mountain.

Kein felt sincerity from the girl who told him such a thing.

Surely he can’t take it as it is.

she is a nice girl after all.

「Then I’ll sell it to you. Well then, see ya」


Kein put the 『Resurrection fruit』on the ground, picked up 3 fallen silver coins and left the place.

I couldn’t save Altena, but this red girl will surely save her friend.

And I’m sure I can drink cold beer today with this 3 silver coins.

For the present me, this is sure to be a good luck.

Kein went towards the road heading to the city in a good mood while carrying a heavy bag containing a lot of herbs.

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