Levelmaker Chapter 48

The Knick and Honnard Store

TL: Yuki
ED: Chinozuku

This here now is where the Inn run by that young adult person who saved me from those hentai lolicons bad guys.
Upon entering, it really gives off a nice atmosphere inside.
But it seems that the price for rent seems high.
Ult-san then notices me and called out to me.

「Oh… Alim-chan, you came by. Are going to take a room?」
「Really… The prices for the rooms here will be 500 Bells for B Class, 760 Bells for A-Class, and 1200 Bells for S for an overnight stay. So are what do you want to choose? (… If it is according to what I see, Alim-chan will probably choose the A-Class so maybe I should lessen the price by 300 bells? How ’bout that?)」

I want to take care of this new body. So that’s why I’ll take the S Classroom. Well, I do have around 800 thousand Bells on hand so money isn’t really a problem…

「S Class Room please, for now, good for 10 days.」
「Ah, S class for 10 days is it… Eh!? Are you ok with the bills?」
「Yup. I’m okay with it.」

I take out one big gold coin, one gold coin, and one large silver coin.

「Hue~~ were you probably someone like a nobles daughter or something? Then S Classroom for 10 days is it.」
「Then let me lead you, the room is over here.」

Ooh, It looks kinda like a Luxury Hotel I saw on TV some time ago. I will enjoy this room for now. I will be playing trampoline on the bed. Anyway, I have nothing to do any more for the time being. I ate the food prepared by Ultz-san, and then took a bath and went to bed.
Good Night.


Good Morning.

I am now making my way towards the store called “Knick and Honnard” today.
It will be not good if I go too early, so I guess I’ll take my time and go there around 3 o’clock I guess? Until then, what would be good to do? Having some conversation with Ultz-san? Nah, he seems to be busy at the moment. Well, whatever. I’ll just be bothering anyway. So let’s move there now. Yup, have to go there now.

I walk around using a map and arrived in front of the said store.
When I opened the door and it gave out a nice sound, there are sure are a lot of weapons displayed inside. A sword, a spear, a bow… None of the items seems mediocre at all as you examine them. Then a big hairy man came out from the back of the shop. [TL: Hagrid, is that you??]

「Welcome jou-chan, or maybe, you are that Alim-chan?」
「Yes! That is so!」
「Is that so, you really came by. Oi, Nii-san! Nii-san! Alim-chan came by!」[TL:OnePunchMan Niiiiiiiii-saaaaaaannn!!!!] [ED: Glad he’s not calling him Nii-Chan TL: That would be disgusting XD]

Well what do you know, I’m glad that I have arrived just at the right time.
The big guy is calling for someone inside the shop.
After a few moments, I can hear the sound of people walking down the stairs. And from behind, a man which looks similar to that big man before appeared.

「Hou, so it was you who wanted to learn blacksmithing and enchanting, a girl right?」
「Hnn… It really is a pretty girl, as Arkin-san mentioned」

Oh please, I will be embarrassed if you praise me so much. [ED: And again, I feel conflicted about this]
And they began talking again.

「I’m Honnard, store owner of the weapon shop here. And this one is…」
「Knick, I’m a blacksmith of this weapon shop and the brother of this person.」
「Please to meet you, Honnard-san, Knick-san!」
「Ah yes, please to meet you.」

Fumu, as expected of someone Arkin-san introduced.
They seem to be a good brother.
Knick-san will be the one to guide me.

「Then first, let me tell you about smithing. Let us move to the second floor Alim-chan.」
[TL: I sure have probably read a lot of weird stuff coz it makes me think of something here.]
[ED: Don’t worry TL-chan, no “Ugly Bastard” tag is present]

Then after moving to his workplace, knick-san began to teach me about the tools used for blacksmithing and how they are to be used. Then he begins picking up the tools and showing things like how to process iron while explaining how it works.

「Hou, It seems like you’re getting the hang of it.」
「Ehehehehe… … …」

And so, I finally manage to get the skill from this point.

「I was able to learn the skills!」
「Thank you very much for the help!」
「Oooh, It’s good, I will pass the items you have requested when you are leaving later.」
「Then, it’s time to go to Honnard, you will be learning enchantment from him.」

I moved down from the second floor and moved to the weapon shop below this time.

「I’m able to learn to smith!」
「Is that so, Alim-chan sure is a fast learner. Then the next one will be an enchantment.」
「Oh, the first is, what we call enhancement is … … …」

Talking about it, in short, is something like this.
Enchantment mainly uses either Demon core or MP. [ED: I guess she has unlimited MP TL: Not really she just have A lot to the point that you normally can’t use it all.]
It seems like you have to construct a magic circle using something called an enchantment pen and pour MP into it as you draw. The stronger the enchantment the more the costs it will require.
And on another note, enchantments are essentially written directly on things, and magic cards are created for those who do not enchant skills.
The first things Honnard-san taught me is how to write different magic circles and the types, and actually writing one to show me. And let me write one as well. And also, it seems that I could also master these skills.

「Honnard-san, I have been able to learn the skill!」
「Ooooh!? So fast, seriously.」
「Yosh!… then if you any more questions don’t hesitate to come by again! Do your best and work hard to master them!」
「Oi!!!… Nii-san! Alim-chan was also done learning enchantment!?」

The sound of Knick-san moving down noisily from the second floor can be heard.

「Oh! As expected. This girl is really amazing… and then after that, here are the things you’ve asked for. Please confirm it.」
「Ok, thank you very much.」

Hmmm, the quality of work is really good. At times like this, appraisal king really is convenient. I then paid the tools and reception fee.

「And then again, thank you for all this!…」
「Ooh!… Alim-chan! Do come back again!」

After all that, I left the store of “Knick and Honnard” and then proceed to the Inn. Now, I’m looking forward to what things and skills I can make from this.