King Of Skill Chapter 7-2

Dungeon Clear (Part 2)

TL: Rill-nim

kwakakakang!!!! As the lights bounced everywhere, Muyeol's body shook. As soon as he stepped in, he was raid by the coming sharp attack, but he just shook and did not fall. It is blocked. That attack. "Hhhp!!" He exhaled and looked ahead. [Krrrrrrrrr.....] A huge canine that can't be compared to the Leopard Cats which were caught in the abandoned mine so far, it was twice as large as they were. It was the most challenging dungeon around the Base, so it was a place where Kang Chanseok was hardly thought about and unable to challenge it. "Tsk... It was a bit light." Muyeol frowned at the Lycanthrope's scars on his shoulder. It would be a wound that could damage him if it was nailed a little deeper, but it was a mistake that he couldn't think that the steel blade would be broken as he came here. "But....." His shoulder throbbed after blocking the attack. But the Lycanthrope seemed to be more vigilant than ever. "It's worth it." The wounds that were inflicted while preventing it from attacking him. Just with this one only, the battle situation has changed. It means he can read its attack. Phaat-!! Muyeol rolled his feet in the dark. 'Now based on my physical strength, it was twice the limit at best.' As the muscles of his shoulder, which wounded because of the previous attack, twitching, he looked at nothing and thought. 'But I have to use it once more somewhere else.' The conclusion quickly came out. 'It's done with an attack.' Lycanthrope. Despite being a D-grade monster, it is a pain in the neck with its regeneration power beyond C-grade. Perhaps even now, if anyone in the Base challenges him, they would fail. Except one person. 'I've caught various monsters in the training center for practical training, and that's how it's going to help.' 15 years later, the Lycanthrope is not classified as a very strong monster. Training opponents. Of course, it's hard to catch it with his body now. But, only Muyeol, who knows its weaknesses, can overcome that hard thing. [Khaaaaaa!] At the moment, the Lycanthrope slammed its sharp claw and ran towards Muyeol with an acceleration beyond Muyeol's speed. About 100 meters. The distance that narrowed in an instant was definitely beyond the D-grade. Kwang.!!! The Lycanthrope's claw smashed the spot where Muyeol was a little while ago. A bunch of stones bouncing everywhere. But Muyeol, who was supposed to be there, was gone. Hunting methods that he has mastered numerous times in the training center. 'Now!!' Muyeol pulled the blade he was holding into his body with all of his strength. His side was reddened as he was bleeding. It was impossible to avoid its attack perfectly because of his insufficient agility. 'But it was enough with this.' RIght behind the back. Just before it looked back. Muyeol stabbed his blade in the back of Lycanthrope's neck first. The part of the joint leading to the spine. Just one spot. That was his weakness. [Krrk.....Krrrrrk.....!!] The Lycanthrope's body was shaken. It was definitely different so far. It flopped down and was unable to remove Muyeol who was clinging on its back which was unrecoverable. "Haaaaap!!!" Without any break, Muyeol pushed his blade through its throat and the E-grade steel blade broke through its neck. Phakkang-!! At the same time, the blade, which couldn't overcome its power, was shattered into pieces. Thud...!! The Lycanthrope that fell down with the shattered blade. As soon as its body was on the floor, Muyeol exhaled the breath he was holding on. "Gasp....gasp....gasp.... !!" [You have succeeded in the Lycanthrope Hunt.] [You have cleared the dungeon.] [Solo Clear Benefit] [Acquisition status point increased 2 times] [Muscle Strength has increased by 16 points.] [Agility has increased by 16 points.] [Physical Strength has increased by 16 points.] With a golden message window, its body disappeared as it turned into ashes. "I have succeeded......" Muyeol flopped down and touched the ground with his trembling hands. A large violet hearthstone fell to the ground, that cannot be compared to the one dropped from the wages. But the thing that caught his eyes more than the hearthstone. 'It came out.' Muyeols raised the corners of his mouth as he looked at the large curvature in front of him. Kwak. However, the pleasure of clearing the dungeon was unable to delay him in grabbing the curve even for a moment. The real purpose of his coming to this place. It wasn't just to catch the boss monster. "Hmpph...!!" The moment he breathed in again. Kwang-!! Kwakwang--!!!!! As he grabbed the curveball, which is as tall as himself, with both hands and pulled it over his head, he lowered his blade towards the inner wall of the abandoned mine.