King Of Skill Chapter 7-1

Dungeon Clear (Part 1)

TL: Rill-nim

Buugh. Muyeol ripped the sleeves of the clothes he was wearing. He then skilfully wound the scars on his shoulders and the bite on the back of his hand with his clothes. [You have learned the bandaging skill.] [Perfect bandaging skill!] [Acquisition points increased by 10%] [Bandage Recovery increased by 10%] [Acquisition Rate: 1%] At that moment, a message window came up with the 'twinkling' sound which informed the skill acquisition. "Hmm, this is not even close to the creator. But the bandage skill is not much different now." After bandaged the wound as what he had learned in the training center, Muyeol seemed unhappy. 'But if I learned magic, it would be different.' There are several ways to heal wounds. The typical thing was healing through magic, but not many people have it and not many people used their magic to heal others. After that, potion. The drugs that can be made by people who acquired alchemy. It was popular among people because its recovery rate is high and people can easily carry it, but the ingredients to make it were complex and the alchemy was also more rare than the wizard. Because it is a production skill, not a combat skill, he only had what he learned through training. 'In reality, people said it was possible for people who were Chemists. It will be expectedly hard.' But Muyeol didn't think about potion anyway. Moreover, it is expensive. That's why the most popular healing method was 'bandage with magic'. The item with a high healing effect, which is only a normal cloth bandage injected with magic, it could be created in the base that is safe, it did not contain any special ingredients and it didn't cost high. Because of that, some of the wizards, who once refused to fight, also produced these bandages at the rear to support the army. But, it should be a long way from now. 'I am going ahead.' Muyeol smiled and looked at the closed door in front of him. Boss' Room. 'Lycanthrope. I'm finally here.' Muyeol unwrapped the bandage, looking at his shoulders and at the back of his hands which is slowly recovering. [Bandage Method has increased by 1 point.] It just covered a while ago, but the nail mark of the Leopard cats are healed perfectly. Even with the same bandage, Muyeol's method was quite different. The moment the title 'Perfect' is attached, the effect has increased. Booong. Muyeol turned the sword around once. The different feeling with when he was still clumsy even when he held the sword on the battlefield for 15 years. [Swordsmanship Mastery : 25% (E-rank)] -Strong Swordsmanship : 10% In just two days, his swordsmanship mastery has increased by 25%. The first Swordsmanship Creator. "I never imagined that the effect of the title would be so great." The more points you gained, the stronger your experience. Adding to that, the memory and training of that 15 years made him accelerated even more. 'I was only D-rank before I died, tho.....' Looking at the points that were going up at an incredible rate, Muyeol thought. S-rank wasn't really an unreachable wall. Guguguguguguk..... When Muyeol lifted his hand, the closed door opened. The last stage of the abandoned mine. [Khuakkkkk!!!] As if it was waiting, the sharp teeth inside it shone towards Muyeol.