King of skill chapter 5-2

Skill (Part 2)


Muyeol prepared and fixed his sword.
When he saw the status window, they were just E-rank at best.
“One, two, three, four…..”

There are four yellow light flashed in the dark.
“Five in total.”

If they were flocking in, he was surely cannot even defend himself and die.
But the present Muyeol somehow could afford it.

“It’s just right.”
Thing to trust.
Countless actual battle in his memory.

It’s the moment to pull out one of it.
‘It was the most basic, but it was the skill that saved him numerous times from the threshold of death.
‘Strong Fencing.’

An actual Battle ‘Sword Skill’ which was made by the Rankers of the training center, including the Gladiator Lee Kangho for the non-magic soldiers.
Even without magic, if you have the basic status only, whoever can learn this great basic skill.
‘It’s just once. If it is me now.’


He wonders to feel the flesh.
The Leopard Cats jumped out in the dark in unison.

At one point, Muyeol slashed his sword from top to bottom while he lowered his posture.
Just before the Leopard Cat’s teeth reached Muyeol.


Muyeol’s body bounced off as he kicked the floor. The E-grade steel blade moved quickly as it changed its track.


The sword which just slashed the Leopard Cat’s throat, continued to move without stopping, rushing toward the others’ head.

The Leopard Cat shook its head with a bizzare voice in the ensuing linkage before it could even take a stance.

It was a move that no E-rankers could do.
But, it happened because it was Muyeol.

It wasn’t just mere memories, it was an experience that had been trained hundreds, even thousands of times in the same posture.
Phabak-! Phababak—!!!
Khwakkkkkk –!!

The uproarious sound echoed in the abandoned mine.

Muyeol’s shoulders looked shaking through the light of the torch, which had fallen as the dust blown up.


Muyeol dropped the sword in pain.
His palms were messed up.


But as soon as Muyeol turned his head, he had a smile on his lips instead of pain.
The power that annihilated five monsters at once.

‘As expected.’
His body was still remembered it as it is.

The violet hearthstone fell as their bodies burned.

[You have earned a lower hearthstone (x5)]

It was then.
Muyeol’s eyes wide opened as soon as he put the hearthstone into the inventory.

[Muschle Strength has increased by 10 points.]
[Agility has increased by 10 points.]
[Physical Strength has increased by 10 points.]

He died a few days ago, so he wondered whether he can even raise a sword then at one time the points suddenly began to rise.
He has only attacked once.

“What, what’s this…?!”

One yellow message window created one after another and appeared in front of Muyeol’s eyes at the moment of surprise.

[Strong Swordmanship has been found!]

[You have found a new, non-existed swordmanship.]

[You have acquired the Strong Swormanship.]

[Acquisition Rate 1]

[Skill: Fencing’s lock has been disabled.]

[Fencing Mastery: 1 (E-rank)]

[The first of Fencing Creator]

[Benefit Confirmation]

[Acquisition status increased by 10%]

[Related Skill: Fencing]

[Fencing Mastery Acquisition_Rate increased by 15%]

[The force of Fencing Skill increased by 5%]

The wound of his sore palm disappeared and leaving only the pain like when he hold a light knife.

Fast Recovery of Physical Strength.
His rough breath calmed down in a moment.

Muyeol muttered as he gazed at the surprising glowing message window.

“S, skill creation…..?”