King Of Skill Chapter 4-2


Hitting the Player (part 2)


TL: Riil Me

Since then, Lee Kangho has fallen short, but then he has been under the umbrella of the China’s Yeomshinwi, nicknamed the high-authority Immortal that also known for its commanding position.

“Well, even so, it was so hard for Kang Chanseok to fight for the throne.”
Even at that time was the moment he felt his handicapped skill.

“When I think about it, there are a lot of things happened…..”
There were really lots of fates that happened in the past life.

And there are also lots of mistakes.
“I would never repeat them again.”
Muyeol knew what kind of future will be the consequences of the choices he made in the past.
Getting rid of the mistakes.

Because that meant it would be perfect soon.
Against his determined heart, his legs became weak and tangled up, then he fell on the floor.

“Khek…khek, khek….”
The sand dug into his mouth.
Regardless of his will, Muyeol sighed and talked as he looked trembling.

“…. When I’m back to live, first I’ll begin to change the training.”
What’s left in his mind.
It was not just a simple memory.

For 15 years.
Muyeol was trained for three years at the training center that is created by Lee Kangho, who was called the strongest human being, after the base was established.
Numerous training manual designed by the Rankers for the battle.

He still remembered the best training methods to increase the physical strength, muscle strength, and agility that was created there.

“Wait a moment.”
His life goal was still the same now or before his death, but Muyeol’s actions for it were completely different.

* * *

Muyeol sighed as he looked at the large cave in front of him.

“It’s good that we’ve arrived to the place that was supposed to take one day only in half a day. Because of it, the physical strength is also increased.”

The red glow that going down the cave.
Muyeol mumbled as he is pounding his stiffened legs while his fist knocking.

“It’s amazing to see it again.”

Muyeol looked at the entrance, which looks like an old ruins, in front of a strong stream.
The half-collapsed entrance looks dreary but while touching the broken strut he thought.
“Originally it’s a dungeon that will be used in the mountain peak defensive battle that will exist in 3 years later ”

He nodded as if he had come to an old place of his memory.
No, he actually came.
Muyeol looked at the base that can be seen down the hill with the forests and descending streams around it.

An abandoned mine stands on it.
Nobody had cared about this place.

“I am glad to have been joined in the defensive battle at that time. If not, I would never know.”
When he was a member of the squadron in the past, Muyeol, who was under Lee Kangho’s umbrella, fought against the US Army Ranker Jean Reynolds who left this place and located to the north.
Muyeol also fought in that battle and remembered that this old mine was the key to victory.

That way.

Muyeol turns the tide of the war this time too.
The only difference is that the opponent is not a human, it is a monster.

“Lee Kangho, this time I have to use your operation first. The operation that almost killed us.”

With an E-grade steel sword.
He put his feet in without hesitation.

[You have entered the Lykan Mine.]