King of Skill Chapter 4-1


Hitting the Player (part 1)


TL: Riil Me

“Da*n it…..!!!” 

Muyeol shouted and swearing. 

It was the feeling of someone pulling from behind everytime he steps forward with his trembling legs. 

“Hu, huwaa….!!” 

He thought the physical strength that built up while walking through the battlefield for 15 years was nothing special, but he really miss it at that time. 

“I’ll die because I have to walk quickly to the distance that I have to go for the whole day.” 

He was breathing and he sat on the sand. 

“The Monster Wave is going on about now I guess.” 

In fact, the wave that happens once a day was not that hard. 

But, this time is different. 

It was not like the waves so far, a wave that happens several times a day. 

Three days would be needed to stop it. 

“The last before the fourth day, it must be stopped.” 

That day. 

The Lizard King which inhabited in Manyu Forest. 

The Named Monster appeared in the base which only has mostly E-ranker at most except for Kang Chanseok, the only D-ranker. 

“He annihilate the base. Never let him come to the base before the last 4 days end.” 

[Physical Strength increased by 1 point.] 

[Muscle Strength increased by 1 point] 

At that moment the status window was flashing and a message appeared. 

Even ironically it’s hard to die, but the status point is rising. 

All numbers of the Seven Thrones are equal. 

The physical strength increases when he uses his body and the muscle strength increases when he uses his power. In other words, if he works harder than anyone then he can get the corresponding numbers. 

Muyeol did it as expected. 

His basic numbers were not bad for him to be at least not die in a conscripted battle. 

“Of course, there are some things that cannot be done with effort.” 

That is magic. 

In rare cases, there are some people who master it by themselves, but it was only a minority of those who were inherently born with that talent. 

Muyeol’s numbers as much as his magic skill which were still zero and that numbers remained the same even before his death. 

In addition, there were numbers that did not appear at all. 

Hidden Status. 

In a very special case, it is the ability that enlightened. 

“But now is different.” 

He caught his breath and raised up from his place to move his feet again. 

If his memory is correct. 

“I will get it.” 

It is that place. 

Let’s say he goes there. 

2 years later. 

Just once. 

There was just one time Muyeol had almost gained the magic. 

“That bastard…….” 

He remembered the guy that he thought was a colleague, Muyeol unknowingly grinned his teeth. 

The power of the hidden status was surely tremendous. 

“He gained the magic and became the top 100 of the humanity.”