King of Skill Chapter 8.2


TL: Riil-nim

[email protected]!! It is coming back!!”
“Quickly refurbish the fence on the right side!”

“It’s too late! It will penetrate soon!”

The never-ending Monster Wave.
Today, the third day.
The 3 Base was bedlam close to ruins.

Clank!! Chiing-!!

The sound of swords coming from all over the place.
Kang Chanseok, the leader in the midst of the people’s shouts and crowds, shouted to block the fence on the right side, putting aside his own words.

“Don’t back down!!!”
There are people still in the barracks.
Despite his pompously shout, the people were slowly stepping back

Kang Chanseok lifted his head.
The monsters left in front of him.
Even at a glance, the number of the monster was more than 100.

“Now it’s over……”
“Let’s run away! Captain!!”
“It would be a horrible death if you keep this place!”

The sword blades that fell to the floor made the trembling sound.
When the terror became solid and they could not move an inch, the sound became the starting point and people began to flee behind the barracks in a hurry without exception.

“Wait for me!!”

Kang Chanseok’s voice was no longer heard by their ears.
There was no choice.
At best, he has been holding the sword for half a year.
There was no one who learned Swordsmanship or the martial arts properly.

The most frightening thing for them was this.
Until now, if it had been a position for hunting, then it would have been the opposite feeling.
It was a frustrating situation.

Even when they knew they were dying if they went out to the back of the fence, the panicked people abandoned the camp and ran in all directions.
But the people who started to tangle as they pushed and grabbed each other, were just good prey to the monsters.

“Sa….save me.”
As Kang Chanseok saw the people being slaughtered, he was blown up with rage.
The lizard men’s necks flew into the air, sprinkled with red blood.

No matter how desperately he looked at them, he couldn’t deal with more than 100 monsters.

As soon as the fishy and disgusting smell of the blood spread around, even Kang Chanseok felt his conscience heavy.
It was when his hands, which held the handle, seemed to lose its grip.

A powerful wave, like a giant wave, quickly swept in front of the base, the raiding monster’s rear.

Even the strongest lizard man in the water was unable to hold its center in front of the mighty waters.
In an instant, nearly half of the monsters standing behind them were scattered in all directions and disappeared.

“Wh….what is this.”
Kang Chanseok could not keep his mouth shut in this miraculous spectacle.

At that moment, a man is seen far beyond the fence.
Everyone’s eyes were on him.
The same goes for the monsters.

He was out of breath.
It felt like your heart burst out.
The weary and exhausted look.
Tattered clothes and sweat-drenched face.

He pulled a huge curve on his back and lifted it into the air and the wind blew from the curve like a trumpet announcing the opening.
But Muyeol shouted out breathlessly as if he had done it when he saw the people were still alive in front of him.