Chapter 6-2

Creator (Part 2)


“Status Window.”

Muyeol said in his trembling voice.

Name: Kang Muyeol
Rank: E

Muscle Strength: 32(26)
Agility: 34(27)
Physical Strength: 35(28)

Magic: 0
[Lykan Mine First Discoverer]
[The creator of the first swordsmanship]

Swordsmanship Mastery: 1% (E rank) – Strong Swordsmanship: 1%

“It’s true, don’t you see…..?”

He laughed in vain for he couldn’t believe it even when he saw it with his eyes.
The Strong Swordsmanship found by the future Lee Kangho now was definitely a swordsmanship which doesn’t exist now.

‘So, it means because of it I became the Creator?’

Muyeol trembled unknowingly as his thoughts go crazy.


Muyeol unknowingly gulped down air.
It was only once but Muyeol was able to feel it perfectly.



Without turning his head, Muyeol stabbed his sword towards the Leopard Cat which appeared out of the abandoned mine.
The sword protruded through the trunk of the neck form the crown of its head.


The moment the monster’s body became ashes and scattered, the message window appeared again.

[Agility has risen by 1 point.]

For sure.
The growth which felt by the whole body.

The feeling of the new reconstruction of the bones, muscles, and even the cells in the body.
It was not the point that has been rising slowly like in the past.

To the extent that he was able to feel it personally.
“For real…..”

The Skills that were revealed before he died.
At that time, he thought it was nothing special, but now it wasn’t stand out at all.

‘Skill that only I know……’


It was a moment when he learned only a few skills including Strong Swordsmanship and Negotiation Skill and completely changed his position.
He thought it was barely a few skills.

‘I know some of the skills which have not been found yet. And what if I combine the abilities that I will gain in the future with it?’

Thud, thud.

It was the same heart-pounding moment, but it was a moment when the nervousness he felt until he entered the abandoned mine turned into a throbbing moment.

The shiver surround his body.


“Wait for it.”

Muyeol began running into the dungeon without hesitation.