Chapter 6-1

(Creator part 1)

TL: Riil-nim

“Troops aligned!”

Kang Chanseok claimed out loud.
His face looked scarred everywhere and exhausted, but more than that, there are many corpses had fallen beneath their feet.

“Will it end….”

“Da*n, those guys….”


People were able to finally put down the tension that had been tightening their bodies because of his words.

“From now on, report the damage situation.”

The people who were shouting all over the place began to gather around.
The Lizard men still remains beyond the fence in front of the Base.
The people who gathered there looked at them and spoke with a still uneasy face.

“Hyungnim, don’t you think the monsters suddenly got stronger somehow?”
(TL note: Hyungnim means big brother in a polite way)

Kang Chanseok, who thought it would be great if he had time to collect the corpses and back to the battle, broke his lips as he watched the people on the stretcher.

“How many people are injured?”

“… Five people died and twenty are unable to join the combat.”


His hands were strengthened by his attitude.
Those who remained could not be pleased with the status obtained by the hunting through Monster wave.

Now is not the time to mourn the dead.

“It’s not becoming stronger. If they were normal guys, they should have already been done.”

Kang Chanseok looked at the monster that were still there and thought.
So far, it was definitely different.

‘It is weird.’

There was never once in half a year when the monsters stand by outside the fence as if they were waiting.

‘It looks like a well-structured army.’

[Monster Wave: 30 minutes before]

It was then.
Like a warning, a red-lettered notification window flashed and appeared on people’s heads.


“What are you talking about??”


The moment they saw the message, the people were astonished.
The notification continued to blink as if laughing at them, who thought that it was over now.

“Doesn’t Monster wave happen once a day?”

“Why is it start again?”

People began to scream as if they were panicking at the sudden alarm of the notification window.

Thud, thud, thud.

Srrr — srrr — srr —

But their cries also disappeared with the sound of the ground shaking.
It was because the monsters, which respawned in Naerimchun, Manyu Forest, slowly began to gather around the base with the lizard men, who were waiting over the fence.

“These guys….!!”

“What should we do, Hyungnim?”

The number of monsters which was gradually growing.
Since they were drafted here for the first time, people were snatched here and there by the monsters.

However, Kang Chanseok set up a base and settle down instead of returning to the center of reality, then established a safe zone while waiting for the birth of the king of the throne.
I never imagined that lizard men, that he thought was easy preys, would look so intimidating.

The same idea came to mind of the people in the base.

Seven Thrones.

‘There is no safe zone in this place.’

“Prepare the battle formation. Don’t worry. We’ve arrived here well so far. Hansu and Minhyuk send the people and reinforce the fence.”



At Kang CHanseok’s command, people busily moved again.
He looked at the monsters with shaking eyes and the anxiety he bear cannot be seen by them.

‘We can live, right…..?’

At one point, it was the throbbing feeling on one side of my arm.