King of Skill Chapter 5-1

Skill (Part 1)

TL: Riil me

[You have entered the D-grade Lykan Mine.]

The moment Muyeol stepped in through the black door, a message window appeared.
That was the moment.

[Lykan Mine first discoverer!!]

[Benefit Confirmation]

[Status acquisition for a week in the dungeon increased by 10%]

[The probability to obtain the monster hearthstone for a week in the dungeon increased by 15%]

[Muscle Strength, Physical Strength, Agility buffed in dungeon by 15%]

At the same time, Muyeol felt some power getting through his body as if he had injected medicine.

“….buff effect?”
Muyeol looked at his body in awe. He felt as if he had recovered from the exhaustion he felt in his body until a while ago.

The first discoverer.
Only one.
The benefits only for the first discoverer of the dungeon.

“Apparently, there was something like this.”
Muyeol said it in awe.
“I know now why Kato Yuuna was so obsessed with the dungeon.”

‘Lykan Mine.’
The first discoverer was Kato Yuuna, called the ‘Hidden Eater’.
She, who collected the most hidden pieces in the human force area, took quite a long time to conquer this place which was in the beginner area.

“I couldn’t help it. The third base is destroyed and almost no one came back again here.”

Muyeol Snapped his fingers.

“After Lee Kangho created the authority and grabbed the base for our side, then the people came back. So, before that, the nerd like this hidden eater would have come back even to this far.”

Then, a block which was divided into five rooms were created at the transparent window.
“As I expected, it’s still here.”

As the first room out of them has opened, there was a leftover torch in it.

Inventory System.
It was a great system that allows him to put things in and bring it around, but the ability in here also has a broad range.

It was enough to store from five to hundreds, thousands, or almost infinite.
The situation became quite different depending on the item.

“This time even later I really have to get the dwarves’ pottery jar.”
Muyeol saw at the inventory that had only five chambers and thought.

The pottery jar of the dwarves.
An item that increases the inventory to 100 rooms.
Although it’s not up to S-grade, but among the A-grade items, it was the inventory with the best cost-effectiveness.

But until his death, his inventory items were the B-grade supply unit which built in the training center.
It was surely not the item that is easy to get.

It was a hassle to get the ‘Negotiation Skill’, one of the production skills but fortunately, 15 years later, it was an essential skill that most people were basically learn.
‘Because it is the ability that we need the most from the moment we have a Base Store.’

Base Store.
It was an unattended store that they will get a year later.
It was a store under the Seven Throne’s system, not belong to anyone.

There were a lot of useful items.
‘The problem is price.’
When people thought it was useless as the people who can buy at the ridiculously high price were rare, the first person to discover the Negotiation Skill appeared.

S-ranker called The Great Merchant.
Lacan Bezas.

His combat ability was only a B-ranker, but he was the first person that Lee Kangho and the other people who created the authority tried to recruit as an excellent resource.
Later on he revealed the Negotiation Skill as a mandatory skill for all people.

‘He benefited all things he can and even I was late but I’ll do so.’
Muyeol thought so and smirked.

That time was the past.
Now is different.

Because of that, Muyeol knew how to learn that skill and where to get it.
‘I can lead this world one step ahead of becoming stronger.’
Muyeol began to walk slowly after pulling the fire on the torch he had taken out of the inventory

* * *

Chobok, chobok, chobok. (sfx. heavy steps)
Only the sound of the dirt swept away which was heard in Muyeol’s ears.

Not bad.
‘It is a proof that I am alive.’
Muyeol repeated it himself several times.

That time.

A sharp growl from the inside of the abandoned mine.
At the same time, the yellow light flashed in the dark.
Muyeol knew at once what it was.

It was the Leopard Cat, a lower level, E-grade monster that inhabits Lycan Dungeon.
Each of them was not very strong.

‘The problem is they are grouping.’

Leopard cats are not living as group but those who live in the abandoned mine were different.
‘It was monsters anyway. It’s completely different entity from the animals on earth.’
And also, on the earth the dead animal would bleed, but here it would drop the hearthstone.
“It’s been a while, this place….”