Chapter 6

Maiya Will be Useful to Danna-sama! (1)

Tl: Hikari Kagayaku
TLC: Kirisaki Shin
Ed: Chinozuku

Until the war between human and dragon ended――――In other words, until one year ago, I was a probationary soldier in the army.

My parents were both from wolfdog tribe.

Those two came from Earl Brauchitsuh, the feudal lord of the west border, and affiliated with the frontier army, demi-human dragon troops――――and accomplished an honor death in war between dragon and human.

I couldn’t even get to see their corpses.

I heard that they had been reduced into ashes by the dragon’s breath, until the point where they were unable to be identified.

Without any relatives, I, who only just became 9 years old, had been arranged to be raised by the subordinates of Brauchitsuh’s family’s army at the border region.

The wolfdog tribe ran fast, particularly had superior five senses and had been judged to be fit for scouting, so I was valued worth to be raised while considering my talent.

In reality, human beast in their adolescence were not that unusual to go to the battlefield.

Everyday, we were blending and receiving training from our senior, and in our free time, we were doing gardening, carrying loads, and performing various other odd jobs at Brauchitsuh’s mansion. As for the compensation, we were supplied with bed and food.

Even I, who was clumsy and dumb, extremely said, useless, could get the food.

There was no dissatisfaction at all.

I thought that I can return the favor when I become a proper soldier.

But in the end, I never had a promotion from my trainee status.

The war between human and dragon at Erla Kingdom has ended in year 298.

Still, we have to be cautious of the dragons’ counterattack.

Nonetheless, since the uproar has ceased, soldier’s work was decreasing.

The bad thing was the earl’s territory received huge damage from the war, moreover, their master ―――― who was their head family, Curt Brauchitsuh-sama has lost his life in the war between human and dragon.

Thereupon, the eldest son, Kasphar Brauchitsuh-sama was appointed for his successor, and to rearranging financial affairs of their territory, he decided to made huge reduction to human beast’s soldier.

Thus, I no longer have a place to stay.


It was at the day when I was evacuated from the barracks.

“Yo, [Broken ear].”

Holding the little baggage, I who waited for the carriage was called out by someone, and I looked up.

Four siblings of tiger demi-human tribe who were my acquaintance looked at my direction.

“[Broken ear], were you being sold?”

[Broken ear] was my nickname.

The ear of wolfdog tribe normally standing straightly, but my ear somehow just lied down on top of my head.

It’s embarrassing, so I don’t really like such a nickname.

“Yes, it was decided as such.”

I answered.

They have selected some unnecessary persons among human beast soldiers such as the one who grew old, the one who suffered big and irreversible injury, mainly on those who could not even do a single job in training, were to be sold to slave merchants collectively.

And so, 11 years old me, who had failed in training, was obviously thrown into the group of “unnecessary”.

“It was unfortunate for you.”

”Well, it can’t be helped that you are weak since you are a puppy.”

“Oh, we were promoted to regular soldier from trainee in this formation.”

They said unanimously as their stripe tail of yellow and black shakes proudly.

As for this four siblings of tiger tribe, I recalled the elder brother is 17 years old, following with the twins of 16 year old men (these two is so identical), and the youngest is 14 years old little sister.

Everyone was just like me before, a trainee until the other day.

“So that’s the case, then let me congratulate you guys.”

I blessed them from the bottom of my heart. Even though fate set us apart, I was also happy if the others are happy.

Tiger tribe is the race that excels in combat. In terms of physical strength alone, they’re far higher than our wolfdog tribe.

For that reason, I think of Kasphar-sama’s decision to separate them from me who is going to be sold is reasonable.

However… in response to my words, they gave a disappointed face instead. Have I said something wrong?

“……She’s not fit to be bragged to, how boring.”

“Don’t you feel envious, [Broken ear]?”

“We, who remain as soldiers in this military might be able to fight with hero side by side or be taken as his subordinate you know?”


I tilted my head.

“Hero of Dragon Slayer. You surely have heard of him. [Thousand Dragon Killer] or [Ten Thousand Blade Domain].”

“Also [Master of Flame Prison] and [Indestructible Wall].”

Oh, then I nodded.

Having been told this much, even I can understand.

Typically raised legend from Human and Dragon War, rather than from His Majesty, the titles had been granted by commoner. Many songs and plays have been made to honor them during the war, and it seems that among the people now they were popular enough to exceed His Majesty’s.

I did not have the chance to go to the war in the end, but still I’ve heard some of his titles and I knew that he was “an astoundingly amazing people”.

……Strength that can be boasted of.

……Used by courageous one, and it’s a honor to fight and die in the war.

These were words that usually became the greetings between the soldiers in the human and dragon war.

The other’s wolfdog tribe and I had a main job as reconnaissance and messenger, so we don’t understand that feeling, but for the tiger tribe who are good at battle is longing to fight for the hero of Dragon Slayer and to be commanded by such people, I could say it might be so dreamy.

“That’s so wonderful! Maiya prayed for you guys to have an encounter with the hero.”

I said so with a smile.


They were all snorted in dissatisfaction, and after said something like “bragging to an idiot is a waste of time”, they left just like that.

It appears that…… l have done something wrong again. [ED: You’re not, my dear, you did the most right things to do in this world.]

I don’t know where it went wrong though.

And the youngest girl, who had not uttered a single word stopped her feet and turned her eyes to me.

She’s the youngest sibling of the four.

She asked me in quiet tone.

“……Maiya, have you forgot how to be angry?”