Chapter 3

Saving The Dog-eared Girl From Her Circumstances (3)

TL: Konko
TLC: Marunikyu-sensei
ED: Marunikyu-aniki

— I saw a dream of the past.


A mountain of corpses.

Those were once living humans and beastkin.
Now, they were in pieces, burned to a crisp and lost their original shape. Lumps of meat.

Leo and I advanced forward while glancing at such a scene.

[…A considerable number were killed.] (Rein)

I clicked my tongue slightly.

[Nearly all of the Ursas bear tribe and Tigris tiger tribe — also some Canis Lupus wolf tribe, and humans.] (Rein)

Although it’s not a pleasant feeling, I am not upset. I got used to the cruel reality.
This is a battlefield.
If I lose my calm for each and every little things, I will became one of those lump of meat.

[Nevertheless, if we must give an evaluation, using their lives paid off as they successfully stopped the dragon.
This is the story, as well as the role given to them.
— Well, these are precious sacrifices.] (Leo)

Leo shrugged his shoulder as he said that.

[Also, it doesn’t matter if you are with me but you must act more composed when you are with the soldiers, Rein. You will affect the morales of the troops if you get irritated.] (Leo)

Similar to those beastkins, we have our own roles to fulfill.
We were greeted with a respectful bow once we arrived at the headquarters.
The man who seemed to be the commanding officer walked forward and spoke to us.
[Leopold-denka, thank you for gracing us with your presence in this place –] (Commanding Officer)
[Time is precious. It’s fine without the greetings. How’s the battle?] (Leo)
[Yes. We have confirmed the presence of a secondary grade first class red dragon. It’s breathe is fire attribute. We managed to drive it away once, but I think it will probably attack us once again very soon. However –] (Commanding Officer)

The commanding officer’s face became gloomy.

[Earl Brauchitsuh has been killed in battle.] (Commanding Officer) (T.L Walter Von Brauchitsuh was a field marshal and commander-in-chief of the germany army in early WW2)
[Yes, I heard from the report. I was hoping that it was a mistake but… it is the truth. From the depth of my heart, I express condolences for the death of one royal retainer of the empire.] (Leo)

Leo gasped as a result of the unnatural dark atmosphere.

[As for other damages, the army — especially the beastkin troops, suffer from high exhaustion. Most likely, we will be unable to withstand the next attack.] (Commanding Officer)

I’m of the same opinion. However, I remained expressionless despite of the report.
I saw the state of the beastkin troops around the camp — their faces were gloomy and they obviously were low in morale.
Even though we enlisted young boys and girls of all age due to the current situation, we have nothing to fall back on if we lose even more.

[This is really terrible. We witnessed the disastrous scene on our way here.] (Leo)

Leo nodded in order to express his sympathy. Then, he continued.

[However, I want all the soldiers here to be relieved. I have wonderful news to share with everyone!] (Leo)

With drama-like gesture, he spread both his arm and looked towards my direction.

[This guy here, is the dragon killer hero! I’m sure many people heard about the rumors of the 《Thousand Dragon Killer》 – Reinhart. This nickname famed for slaughtering countless dragons, can be proud of being invincible and is Elra Kingdom’s most distinguished hero.] (Leo)

From the astonishment came about silence.
A ripple of excitement spread among the common soldiers and the beastkin soldiers.
Soon after, a bustle of joy came out and they started chanting Leo and my name.

If I have to describe, the atmosphere just changed completely — And that’s my opinion.
But this matter does not concern me.

Because, the things that I must do didn’t change regardless of what just happened.

[…Well, my role as a hero, begins?] (Rein)

I muttered to myself.


[… …]

When I opened my eyes, I was sitting on a long chair in the reception room.
Meeting with Leo stimulated my memories and I saw a dream from the past that I didn’t want to remember.
Sitting on my bed with a bottle of wine in my hand, I gulped everything in one go.

The human-dragon war.
The war between humans and dragons began in the year 295 of the Elra Imperial calendar.

This is not the official name but a popular name that spread among the masses.
The official name is called [The expansion of western Elra kingdom by large scale extermination of the dragon species plan]
This is a large undertaking spearheaded by the emperor of Elra by chasing away and banishing the dragon at the border, reclaiming farmland for new villages and ultimately expanding human area of living.

However, the numbers of dragons and their battle capabilities far exceeded what we initially assumed.
Up until now, the imperial army had a certain level of restraint so the dragons acknowledged co-existence with the humans. This became a difficult situation.

The fierce disputes wagered the existence and territories of both parties, and after 3 years passed and in year 298 of imperial calendar, the war ended with the victory of humans.
Currently… one year had passed since then.

— To tell the truth.
The only memories left about that war are things I don’t want to remember.
And, this is to be expected since there is no such things as happy memories during the war.

I saw many deaths.
Both enemies and allies.
Dragons, humans and beastkin.

Great number of famous magicians and warriors lost their lives.
By chance, I happened to have the talent for combat and with the help of some great luck, I killed a large number of enemies, survived and received a reward from the Emperor.
Fame. A permanent social status as well as guaranteed livelihood. And a house.

At present, I live alone in an big but old house in the outskirt of the town Perifania.
The house is around 30 years old but I live a comfortable retirement life.

[… It’s going to be dawn soon.]

I mutter to myself.
I can see that it is getting brighter outside through the window.
However, as I fall asleep and wake up at whichever time I lik, the sun’s activities do not matter to me.

Once again, I gulped some wine.

On the topic of wine, I don’t particularly like it and this one is not strong.
Nevertheless, your sense of reality will be rendered vague and covered in fog if you are drunk and I think such sensation is wonderful and splendid.
That’s why, I drink almost everyday.

I don’t have family. Also, I have no need to work.
Then I can fade away quietly and slowly. That is my wish.
Probably, that time is not far away.

While lying down, I drank another 5 or 10 bottles of wine during this time.


I felt confident of my hunch.
It is about time for the usual thing.

Immediately after, I felt pain in my lung and heart — just like being pierced by a burning iron rod and streak of acute pain run through and stir up within me.


I spent my childhood on this street.
Running around the field and riverside.
The faces of my parent, brothers and friends.

I was assaulted by a dream from this period… I saw various hallucinations.
Of course, it is not just limited to happy moments.

The memories of the human-dragon war.
My brothers that passed away.
Consumed by rage, I kept slashing away at the dragons.

I pull off their imprudent fangs, ripping off the scales of those dragons and chop off their neck.
The me in the past was weak, just a prey, but I continued training even under intense pain.
Now, the bite of their huge jaw, their thick claws or even their strong fire breathe cannot stop me.

Kill the dragons.
Kill the dragons. Kill the dragons.
Kill the dragons. Kill the dragons. Kill the dragons.
Kill the dragons. Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill
Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill

Before I realise, I was standing on top a pile of skulls.
Human’s, beastkin’s and dragons’.
The skulls are piled up all together without any distinction.

There were no survivors besides me.
A world of nothingness spread far beyond.



(… … It’s over, huh?)

I open my eyes slightly.

Soft light shines into the room.
It is probably afternoon, and about time for the sun is beginning to set.

There are several stages to my attack.

First of all, there is a crazy intense pain inside my chest which goes in a rampage.
Thereafter, there are also strong hallucinations and nightmares.
The first half day up till there is the worst of it.

However, even if I bear with all that, I will still be put in a condition for several days with vague consciousness due to high fever and I can only wait for recovery.
There is nothing other than pain and unpleasant hallucinations during this time.

The frequency of this occurring happens once a month.
However, after using considerably power this time, the likelihood of the attack occurring increases.

This power — is a technique for a killer.
My master merely called it [Qi].
By polishing your inner body, you can release invisible energy [Qi] out from your body, ignoring distance and armour which leads to the destruction of life.

Putting [Qi] into practical use in battle, I had destroyed countless dragon up until this point.
However, using a power beyond human capabilities repeatedly, I crossed over my own limits and had to pay a price.
In my situation, my body strength and cardiovascular system will deteriorate and pain will appear in the form of
paroxysmal attack.

(…… It is a little wasteful using it for that bastard)

What I sliced off is not the neck of a dragon covered with tough scale but the hand of a small villain managing the slave market.
I withhold a considerable amount of power, so I didn’t think that I will suffer recoil of such level… Nevertheless, my body has accumulated quite a huge burden up till now.

— But it’s fine.
I saved someone there, so there isn’t a need for regrets.

[… Shall I sleep?] (Leo)

I shut my eyes while muttering.
There isn’t any particular task that I need to do.
And my fever is raising and it is becoming harder to move.

Of course I don’t care if I never wake up again from my sleep.


[…na, sama -? Da-n-na-sama?] (Maiya)

I heard the voice of a young child close to my ears.
I also feel the sensation of something shaking my body lightly.

Not a — dream.
… that’s what I thought.

[Ano, are you alright -? Danna-sama, can you hear Maiya’s voice?] (Maiya)

I wonder who the heck is that Danna-sama she is calling?
I am the only person living in this estate.

(Ah, so she is calling me…)
Truly simple and logical conclusion.
Case closed.

… ….
… No way.

It’s still weird.
I’m living alone so why is there a voice of someone else? — In the absence of a clear mind, I wondered about such stuff.

However, this is my limit.
I can’t find the answer no matter how much i think.

I realise that my heart is beating rapidly and my breathing is in disarray.
My body is burning and extremely heavy at the same time.
It is troublesome moving even my fingers.
Due to high fever, a thin film clouds my consciousness and thinking ability.

(– Damn)

Trying to shake of the fog inside my head, I muster my willpower and open my eyes.

The room is dark.
The first thing that enters my vision — is a pair of twitching animal ears.
The owner of those ears is a very young girl that is looking at me, and then a sweet smile appears on her face.

[Ah, you regained consciousness? That’s a relief.] (Maiya)
Then, the little girl pressed her forehead against mine.

[Nn-, however, your fever had yet to come down. Did you catch a bad flu? For the time being, please rest. — Here we go.] (Maiya)

A damp cloth is placed on my forehead.
It is cold, and feels good.

… That’s not it.

(– Who are you?)

I ask her that.
No, I wanted to ask but my voice didn’t come out.

An unfamiliar face.
… No, I met her somewhere? But just where did I met her?

My mind goes hazy before I can obtain the answer to my doubt, and I fall into a deep state of unconsciousness once again.