Chapter 1

Saving The Dog-eared Girl From Her Circumstances (1)

Tl: Konko
TLC: Marunikyu-chan
Ed: Marunikyu-chan

Ever since young, I am confident that I am second to none in drawing the short end of the stick.

For example, the prank of bad children or discovering the location of a fight.
Initially, the suspicion of being the mastermind will undoubtedly fall onto me.

If bad looks and glares are a contest, I could win with leeway to spare. And because I am such a child, all the adults thought of me as [the enemies of all good children].
It goes without saying that this is not what I wanted.

Certainly, I am confident with my physical strength and my strangely high encounter rate with bad luck.
Towards the unreasonable violence inflicted by people whom are older than me, I will return the favour in equal amount.
However, I’ve never liked conflicts and not even once did I bully the weak.

On the other hand, there were many of those younger fellows that got emotionally attached to me.
I don’t understand the reason.
It might’ve been due to me being strong in fights and they probably saw me as someone reliable.

I didn’t really want to get into those brats’ heads but — this is what my situation turned into before I knew it.

There isn’t one thing that I could call out to blame and make it better, but it goes without saying that this is not what I wanted.

Just when I am in the prime of my life and enjoying myself, why must I babysit those small brats which do things like crying, screaming, frolicking, go around rampaging, dropping mucus or getting rid of their mucus on my shirt?

……Well, I am yearning to go against and get rid of such belief, but, it seemed troublesome at the end of the day.

I’m thinking — wasn’t I born under the star of [getting jobs I don’t want pushed against me]?

If so, it is only annoying.
Whether it is during my childhood or after I became an adult, personally, I dislike any trouble and just wanted to live an ordinary life, nothing more and nothing less.

Whether it’s my own circumstances, others circumstances, situation or destiny, I don’t understand if Kami-sama even has a tint of consideration for me.

That why even now, I’m rather troubled by facing the [villain that is holding a girl hostage].

— It goes without saying that this is not what I wanted.


[Y-you there. Stop!] (Slave Trader)

It is currently a midnight of a chilly early winter. The light from a torch illuminates the backstreet that is void of human presence.
Speaking of which, the man is practically screaming at the top of his voice,
[Even if you say that, I won’t.] (Rein)

I lightly shrug my shoulder.

[It’s my job to not let you pass through here. This is also the request of my employer after all.] (Rein)
[… Move, move away.] (Slave Trader)
Ignoring what I just said, the man kept repeating the same words.
His voice was calm a while ago but now, his breathing has become rough.
I can clearly see that his eyes are bloodshot under the moonlight.

The man is probably around 40 odd years old.
At one glance, I can clearly understand that he isn’t a respectable person from his appearance and his facial expression when being chased into a corner is funny.

[Well, you sure are hot tempered.] (Rein)

I tried to make a speech as calmly as possible.

[Listen alright? During the time when you fall into predicament, it is crucial for you to hold composure. If you do not hold composure, things will not go well and things will turn into failure. You will fail in your job. Become unpopular with girls. Lose in the gambling den. Fall while walking on streets. Your future will be bleak no matter what and your life will be full of sorrow and empty.] (Rein)
[…..] (Slave Trader)

Not understanding the meaning behind my long winded speech, the man shows an agitated but vigilant expression.
By the way, there isn’t any deep meaning behind my speech.
Making such a forceful speech is not only for the sake of stalling for time by making him baffled, but also with the intention of cooling his mind cool down even if it’s a little.

[Well then, since you regained some composure, let’s have a small chat.] (Rein)

To show that I’m not a threat, I raise both of my hands.

The man has a dagger in his right hand.
If it’s just that then it doesn’t matter but — his other hand is holding onto a very young girl. Furthermore, the dagger is pointed towards the nape of her neck so the circumstances thus change slightly.

[As you can see here, I am alone and unarmed. I’m also not good with conflicts. So, let’s negotiate and find a common ground.] (Rein)
[… Let’s hear about it.] (Slave Trader)

Alright, I successfully initiated a conversation.

[First of all, throw away your weapon and release that hostage. Then raise both your hand and surrender. In that situation, I can catch you without going through all the trouble.] (Rein)
[Stop joking!] (Slave Trader)

My persuasion failed miserably.
I certainly am poor at negotiation.
… For the time being, all of his anger is directed towards me so this is still great.

Not understanding the situation she’s in, the little girl that is being held hostage is staring with a face that became full of puzzlement.

Her age is about 10 to 12 years old.
Possessing a pair of characteristic kemono-mimi. Although I could not see it currently, she most probably has a tail.
Dog, wolf or fox— most probably, she belong to that kind of beastkin race.
She is wearing a piece of shabby old cloth on her body. Most likely, she is [merchandise].

[As I said, keep your composure. Look here, if you got angry and stabbed the chibi, everything would be over right? The large number of soldiers that had been chasing you will soon arrive, so if you lose your hostage, there is no reason for us to be considerate about you. Be obedient and –] (Rein)
[That’s why I’m asking you to hurry up and move away!] (?)

… Well, he has a point.
Since the outcome of him being arrested is the same whether he releases or kills the hostage, there isn’t any particular reason for this fellow to listen to my words.
Well then, this is troubling. What should I do now?

I have been talking to the man for awhile so the soldiers should be able to rush to this place very soon if I wait a bit more.
However, I am unable to stall for anymore time.
The current situation is the worst as the man might enter into a frenzy and I anticipate that he’ll stab the girl if I continue to provoke him any further.
As more time passes, the possibility of this happening increases furthermore.

(――It can’t be helped then.)

I started speaking while picking up a twig that had fell near my foot.

[Oi, the chibi over there.] (Rein)
[……….?] (Maiya)

Me? ―― The little girl that is being held hostage blinked her eyes several times after being called.

[For the time being, don’t move even a finger. It might get dangerous.] (Rein)
[…Ano, is this, an order for Maiya desu?] (Maiya)

The little girl asked me with a clear voice.

[Ah, that’s an order.] (Rein)

Her age is slightly more than 10 years old. Wearing a piece of crude rag over her body, she is most likely a [merchandise].
[…Ano, is this, an order for Maiya?]
[Ah, that’s an order.]
A beastkin slave that called herself ‘rubbish’ – Maiya
A hero that quitted battling – Reinhart

After hearing my reply, the little girl sealed her lips and freezes in place.
Seeing as she doesn’t return an affirmation, does that mean she understood my order?

For the time being, in order to make it look like I am giving him an explanation, I reduced the distance between the two of us while observing him.
I walked to a spot roughly 10 steps away from the adult man.
Roughly at this distance, it is just about right so I can do it.

[You bastard, what kind of negotiation is this!? Hurry up and move away or else I will kill this brat –] (Slave Trader)

Ignoring what the man just said, I swung my twig.
Just as what is said, I merely swung the twig while standing on that spot.
The twig doesn’t even touch the man’s body.
However— in the time of a breath, the dagger fell onto the ground with a ‘plop’ sound.
And something is holding onto that dagger……… that’s the man’s wrist……….

[Wha-…ah…?] (Slave Trader)

He looked at his right arm lacking a fist.
And then his right fist that’s on the ground.
His eyes became wide opened as he alternates his line of sight between the two places.

――Then, the leader of the slave traders fainted.