Hidden Dungeon Chapter 22

The Holy Maiden, Ms. Luna

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ED : RadianceWave

Perhaps it’s because two indecent events were happened in a row.

My LP increased by several hundred!

Squishing Emma’s breasts was in a matter of course, but even that event with the granny also included?

Ugh, if that’s also counted then I have some unspeakable feeling…

But this (skill) activation rate is high.

While heading to the meeting point, I edited the skill.

Lucky Pervert

I think I should change it a little

First, I should alter it as shown below.

『rarely』 happen Addition 10 LP

The LP cost was low so I’ll check another pattern as a test.

『often』 happen addition 1000 LP

I see.

In another word, because the lucky-event related then decreasing the frequency was considered as lowering the grade and on the other side if increasing the frequency then it’s considered as an upgrade.

Let’s just go with adding 『rarely』.

Even though I’d get LP, if every time I meet (women) that kind of thing happens then it’ll be inconvenience to me.

Well then, next I ‘ll add the additional words.

『Will not activate in combat or in serious situation』 addition 150 LP

Because the cost isn’t that much a problem, I’ll customize it for now,

If I grabbed someone’s breast in-combat, that will lead to death.

Also in serious situation, (if that happened) it will be bad. For example when attending someone’s funeral, I don’t want something like thrusting my head into someone’s skirt.

「Noir, over there!」

In front of a restaurant, a group of two fairly standing out persons was there.

Laura is certainly a beauty but the other woman has her outstanding beauty. The people passing by are looking three times at them.

Straight silky silver hair, a face with the parts that were like perfectly designed, and smooth white skin.
She’s wearing an easy to move nun’s outfit so her body line could be easily seen.

She’s equipped with a magic gun (?) thing on her waist.

All in all, she’s a super beauty.

Her ears are somewhat pointy, there’s no doubt that she’s from the Elf tribe.

Laura was beckoned to us.

「Noir, over here-」

「I’m sorry I am late.」

「It’s okay, we just arrived here. Over here is my friend, her name is Luna Healer.」

「Nice to meet you, I’m Luna. I’ve heard a lot about you, Mr. Noir from Laura. I’m looking forward to our conversation today.」

With her gentle smile, she stretched out her hand.

What a beautiful person, while I’m thinking that as I look at her, my reaction was delayed.

In a hurry, I shook my hand with her and introduce myself.

「I’m also looking forward to our meeting.」

「We’ve got reservation in this restaurant. Let’s go in」
I checked out Luna’s back who was dashingly walking.

Her long legs, a tightly rising buttocks, her back has a beautiful line… and perhaps I’m a pervert.

「It’s my defeat…. I can’t beat the race gap.」

Beside me, Emma was deeply depressed. It’s because Elves are commonly have both outstanding figure and beautiful face after all.

I should cheer her up.

「Emma also have Emma’s quality you know.」

「Really~? Then tell me.」

「Half of her body is made of kindness.」

「Besides that! compliment me on my outer appearance. Tell me something that I’m superior than Luna, onegaishimasu.」 (She said please in english so.. I took liberty changed it into the opposing language in this translation lol)


「I know you’ll say that…」

「Hmm.. then, you smell good?」

「Oh, Noir.. you normally sound like a pervert huh…」

I hate it because I can’t rebut that statement.

Who was it that saying that male is a creature that one step closer to a pervert as they age? …..Ah, it was my father who said that.

On the innermost seat, Luna and Laura seated, me and Emma took the seat facing them.

Both of Luna’s eyes are looking at me seemingly deep with interest.

「Is there something strange on my face?」

「That’s not true. I was just surprised that you have a cute face. I thought that the person I’d meet would have a crude and pervert-looking face」

「….What stories did you heard from Laura?」

「The one who did something the most unspeakable thing in the guild, also…」

When I change my line of sight to Laura, her face becomes red, she giggled and stuck out her tongue.

Hey, you made it up with ease huh?

「But it seems Laura is not altogether. Until just now she said 『What should I do, I’d be tamed by Noir…』while laughing. Even I thought, perhaps it’s time to end our friendship」

「Luna, isn’t it time to talk about the main subject?」

Laura who is smiling while blue vein popping out on her forehead is terrifying.

Anyways, while ordering the food the topic changed into the matter of the skill from curse system.

「There someone in our class that got a heavy curse. I heard that Luna had curse-dispel skill, didn’t you?」

「Could I ask for their name?」

「Her name is Maria. She’s the daughter of the Duke.」

「….As I thought.」

Luna’s face became cloudy.

It seems she knew about Maria.

Showing a bitter expression, she said.

「Previously, there’s a request came to me. That there’s someone who (has curse skill and) want me to dispel their curse. But if I use my skill to dispel a heavy curse, then…」

「If you use your skill?」

「Nah, it’s nothing. Anyway, because it’s impossible for me so I refused the request.」

Luna became depressed.

The duty of Holy Maiden is to heal people with their magic or doing God’s instruction.

It seems burdening her that she couldn’t save someone who ask to be saved. What a good person.

「How’s her condition lately? I heard that it was a curse which made all of her body hurt, isn’t it?」

「If it was left as it is, then she would pass away in no time.」

「What!? She’ll be died…?」

「The curse’s name is The curse of 16th Cursed Stamp. Her chance to survive isn’t even one bar.」 (TN: The author changed from Death Stamp into Cursed Stamp, don’t complain.)

「I didn’t know that… it was that heavy….」

It seemed she didn’t know that the curse would lead Maria into death.

Actually, skills from curse system that would end with the death of its owner were few.

Looks like Luna heavily shocked (by hearing that information).

After that, we started eating but Luna’s hand wasn’t even moving. Her face became pale.

For once, I tried to appraise her status.

Name Luna Healer

Age 17

Race Half Elf

Level 35

Profession (Job) Holy Maiden Adventurer


Magic Gun Mastery B | Energy Shot | Heal Shot | Fainting Habit | Dispel Curse
I’m interested in the last two of her skills, for now I examine the Dispel Curse skill

….I see.

Most likely Luna has tried to dispel the curse. It’s just when she tried to, it greatly took her lifespan.

It was said that Elves are long-lived race, they can live several times than us, human.

That being said, the curse was on a level that couldn’t be covered by that long lifespan.

Upon leaving the restaurant, Luna was looking up to the crimson-dyed sky.

Tightening her mouth, in her cool expression she faced me.

「Noir, I want you to lead me to her (Maria’s) place. Because it’s a curse then I thought of dispelling it.」

「Luna? Didn’t you refused her request?」

Seeing Laura’s reaction, it seems that Luna didn’t tell her the compensation of her skill.

If she did, then perhaps Laura would show her worry.

I asked everyone to leave me and Luna, the two of us alone, so that I can talk with her frankly.

With the Emma and Laura was in a little fight-ish, they left.

They’re in bad terms huh?

「Did you heard about my abilities from Laura?」

「No. As a (guild) receptionist, she have an obligation to keep (adventurer’s skill) a secret. Laura isn’t someone who would break that obligation.」

「I’ve examined (your) Dispel Curse skill with my Appraisal skill. It seems that there’s a compensation for it, isn’t it? If you heal Maria, then what will happen to you?」

「…..I’ll become a star in the sky.」(Implying that she’d be dead)

「If so, then won’t there’ll be many people would be sad over it?」

「….I’m not an important person, you know? There’ll only 7,000 people would (sad over my death)」

「That’s so many!」

「Fufu, kidding, kidding. I’m not that popular. However, even if I have to lose my life, I want to save her. I can’t ignore it when I know that someone who’s going to lose their life. Yeah, I’m just like my mother.」

It seems that her mother also possessed Dispel Curse skill.

And then she used her skill for suffering children even though she knew that it will decrease her life greatly.

As result, now she’s no longer in this world…

She inherited the genuine blood of Holy Maiden, Luna was also like that.

–rattle rattle bam-!!

Then, a loud sound could be heard from behind us.

Surprised, we turn ourselves back, it seems that a signboard from a store we’re facing was fallen.

「Hey, someone was being crushed! Someone, is there someone who can use healing magic–?」

It seems that the fallen signboard hit a passerby and the victim was losing their consciousness.

The victim was a little boy.

Swoosh- I heard the sound of someone dashing.

With cool-looking expression, Luna drew her magic gun from her waist holster and aimed to the victim.

「Sometimes I wonder that what is the purpose of someone being alive?」

「….I still haven’t found that answer.」

「Yes, it’s okay. You’ll find the answer in the future.」

「Have you found the answer yourself?」

「Yes…. It’s to save people, to make a lot of people smile. That’s my way of life– Heal Shooooot!!!!」 (tn: That’s my ninja way– Kagebunshin no jutsu! lol)

A white light came out from the gun’s muzzle.

Magic gun is a tool that using the user’s magic power as a bullet medium. However this white light is not from the offensive skill but it should be from the healing skill.


When she pulled the trigger, a strong and loud sound echoed through the town, a head sized bullet was flying in a high speed.

The bullet was absorbed by the victim (‘s body) who was fallen limp in one go.

「Ngh…. Uuuh…. 」

「Ooh! He’s waking up, he’s saved!」

Somehow, wasn’t that boy who would die if left alone was healed miraculously, ain’t he!


Meanwhile, as if exchanging their lives, Luna was collapsed while the boy was revived.


I tried to wake her who was lying face-down.

「….I don’t wanna die….」

I heard her mutter, either it’s sleep-talk or just a muttering.

was she talking about the compensation of Dispel Curse?

I lifted her up…. and I was surprised.

Her eyes are rolled back, from her mouth bubbles came out, and her body was convulsing.

….umm, that cool-looking face of her….

W H E R E D I D I T G O ! ?

「…. curse, scary….」

Though I know that this person have so many things to worry but–!

Noir Stalgia

Level 43

LP Remaining 1300


Great Sage | Create | Grant | Edit | LP Convert | Rock Bullet | Storage C

Dungeon Level Teleportation | White Flame | Item Appraisal | Purify | Dig | Back Step Enhancement | Umeki | Flash | Combine Magic | Lucky Pervert (TN: The author forgot his sword skill)