God Of Music Chapter 113

Rock ‘N Roll, Hotter Than The Sun Part 2

TL: Riil me
ED: Frozen Ink

At a coffee shop in Gangnam.
Lee Hyunji sat at the window with the rain falling down while resting her chin on her hand.

‘It feels good.’

The sound of the piano and the sound of the rain which are flowing softly was fantastic. She smiled as she watched some couples walking with their umbrellas.

“Good times.”

There was some force that allowed the emotion to come out, which usually never happen.
So at the cafe, she was enjoying her own time. But today, she had a promise.

“Over here.”

As the doorbell rang, Lee Hyunji lifted her hand. There was a middle-aged man walking from the entrance. It was Director Lee Hanseo.

“It’s been a while, boss.”
“Boss. It’s been a while since I resigned.”
“I still get used to this title.”

Director Lee Hanseo reached out his hand and made his unique relaxed smile. Lee Hyunji grabbed his hand.
The two simply started a conversation. It was mainly a story from their company. They talked about the outside stories that they’ve heard and never talked about the confidential matters.

“….as expected. Kangyoon is great. He returned Kim Jaehoon, who was no better than crippled and pulled more than the down payment. Even our company gave him up, but he was amazing.”

After he listened to Lee Hyunji about Kangyoon and Kim Jaehoon, Director Lee Hanseo sincerely impressed.

“Don’t you hear the news at MG?”
“Team Leader Lee, nope, it’s CEO now. I’ve heard a lot about CEO Lee. But no one mentioned it directly.”
“Sigh, maybe it is still too small after all. As expected, you have to raise the scale….”
“It’s not like that.”

Lee Hyunji nodded at Director Lee Hanseo’s denial. Director Lee Hanseo gave power to his words.

“The words about Team Leader Kangyoon became taboo in the company. At the time he left, one director received a disciplinary action and the company lost the creator of the cash cow, then the singers were shaken by the low morale of the staffs. The directors could not even imagine that the power of one person would be this much.”
“Is the action still under measured?”
“Yeah. The employees do not know, but the directors do. I also have a sense of patience in challenging their authority.”
“It means that it’s also the reason why Eddios is hated, right?”
“That is…….sigh.”

Director Lee Hanseo sighed for a long time. He could not deny Lee Hyunji’s words.

“…Correct. None of the directors support Eddios. After Jooah, even as the biggest cash cow, being hit and struck by the directors. The president director has fallen and Eddios is literally being the punching bag. That’s why we sent the best singer in the country to America to be the pioneer to America.”
“The director who was in charge of Eddios was Director Lee, weren’t you?”
“Yes, but I have no power. I was incompetent.”

Director Lee Hanseo clenched his fist tight. He was the director, but he could not do anything because he was pushed by the power of majority. After all, what he could do was adjust the schedule for Eddios. It was totally his contribution that made the limit to the level of the Korean town which become money in order to move all over the United States.

“That place also getting wildly confusing. Jooah and other singers will suffer a lot.”

Director Lee Hanseo’s long sigh answered her question instead.


Today was the day of the recording of the talk show ‘Park Minchang’s Story Show’. This talk show, which runs by HMC station, was a program where successful stars and successful CEOs talked to him about their success stories.
But today, the cast was a little different from usual.

“Hallo?! We are DiaTeen!!”

All five members of DiaTeen in the studio greeted each other in one voice, and the mouth of the male staff were wide open. In addition to them, even the MC, Park Minchang also could not hide his joy.

“As expected, you girls are great. Let’s do it well.”
“Yes, oppa.”

Hearing the word ‘oppa’, Park Minchang’s jaw fell further. His age, which was in mid-40s, was not qualified enough.
All of DiaTeen members, together with Park Minchang, the writer, and PD listened about how the recording would go with the stories. Some personal stories, company stories, and stories about the stage came to light.
After the story was over, a short break took over and the recording began. THe recording was quite long. But DiaTeen girls were pros. They did the recording without complaint.
Park Minchang usually deals with profound people, and dealing with youthful ladies make him more alive and his face brighten. He alternated between the questions in the script and questions that were not in it, and he led the recording with pleasure.
When the atmosphere ripened in such a way, Park Minchang brought out a story about dancing.

“This album was more responsive than the previous albums. Ms Sekyung, Can you show me the trendy S dance?”
“It’s embarrassing though….”

Kang Sekyung bounced lightly. However, in a repeated request she rose from her seat. The music flowed with the audience’s cheers. She made a smooth curve with her waist curve and shook it lightly. The point choreography in this song, S dance.
It was a light movement, but it was a choreography that made the ant-waist stand out.


The audience applauded and Park Minchang responded with applause as well.

“It was cool. It seems easy though, can you teach me once?”

Kang Sekyung twisted Park Minchang’s stiff body and made the S-shape. But it was not easy for a stiff body to make S-line. The audience laughed at that.
In the end, Park Minchang returned to his seat with a smile.

“Dancing is indeed hard, difficult.”
“Hahaha. Even for us, it’s also hard everytime we dance. We have to keep the S-line constantly.”
“This is only for DiaTeen.”

The laugh burst out again at Joo YeAh’s answer. The recording atmosphere was very bright.
Park Minchang ended the talking about dancing and moved on to another topic.

“DiaTeen’s CEO is famous for producing his own self-titled track.”
“Yes. Sigh….”

Joo YeAh light up her body and slightly smiled. Park Minchang laughed a little and continued talking.

“But I heard that this song was produced by asking the outsider. THis song also felt so much different with the songs produced by your company so far.”
“Yes. It would have been a lot different from what we always looked like. However, we are so grateful for we are loved.”

Kim Jisook replied. She answered with the big point in a mature way.

“I heard that the person who created this title song also made a song for Jay Han. And he is also the composer of T&T. Was it muse?”
“Yes. It’s the composer known with the best feeling among the recent singers.”

Park Minchang’s eyes were attracted to Joo Junghyun’s story.

“Is that so?”
“Yes. I just listened to the sample and I just took all the songs. Please give the singers the right songs.

There were one or two stories about ‘Muse The Composer’ on the stage of the ‘Park Minchang’s Story Show’ talk show.