Chapter 1 Part 5

The Beginning Of Life In The Different World (Part 5)

TL: Kirisaki Shin

「Hotaru-san, was it good?」

「Umu, it’s splendid Soujirou. It’s good enough for our first battle」

「Really! Thank you Hotaru-san. Because of Hotaru-san helps I can feel relieved when I fight」

「Don’t worry about it. It was an obvious things to protect you ja. More importantly, quickly retrieve Sakura before she started to bending.」

「Oh yeah! That’s right. Sakura is also doing her best too after all. Then I’ll be going now~. N? 」

I stop my movement immediately because I feel a strange look.
There’s only Hotaru-san and Sakura so the one who looking at me is only one person, of course it was that girl.

Are? Perhaps there’s no talking katana in this world… Did it seem strange?

Well, whatever.

「I think you already know this but, it’s better if you pick up the thieves weapon while you pick up your weapon as well.」


I don’t understand what she mean but I nodded for now.

If I remember correctly, that archer should be around here… Ah, there It is. Sakura is splendidly stuck on it.

Instead of my power, it seems that Sakura himself adjusted the direction and power by herself.
Thank you ♪ thank you ♪ thank you so much Sakura.

I pull out Sakura carefully and wipe Sakura with that thieves clothes… That’s what I think, but I stop it because it’s dirty. It’s too pitiful for Sakura-tan to be wiped that way.

It seems like Sakura also feel that way as well. For the time being, because of Hotaru-san and Sakura is too sharp or maybe because it’s a japanese katana, it seems there’s not too much blood on it.

Of course I want to maintenance it at once, but for now I’ll try to endure it.
I put them into scabbard at my waist

When I look again, somehow, I just realize how efficient this short-run bontan is.

This bontan is very comfortable, no matter how much I move aggresively, it didn’t hinder my movement at all. Because the length of this short-run pant is short, it didn’t hindrance me to draw my sword at my waist. What a capable God he is. (Tn: it seems he change his mind. About that god.)

Well then, now I’ll do as she says, the bow from that archer and… did he have a dagger in his bosom… it seems he didn’t have any money. Well, it can’t be helped, you didn’t need wallet if you go to raid after all.

I take the bow and dagger, return to that girl and put this weapon.

「Okay, I’ll carry this. But, what are you going to do with this? I believe mister didn’t use this right, so are you going to bring this back and sell it? 」

The girl let out a small sigh then stared at me while asking.

「I still don’t know yet. Maybe it’s something like that」

N? Of course I don’t know… or rather I didn’t know anything at all. At any rate, I shoud thank God, because of this power he gave to me, I can make a conversation.

「Weapon can’t demonstrate their original ability unless the owner register it. And thus when the owner of the weapon dies it will also be a proof of their identity.
In the case you bring down a thief, you need to bring the weapon to the right place to receive the compensation」

「Understood!」(Tn: one thing I didn’t understand from each novel with theme like this is… people didn’t feel something weird when meeting people who didn’t common sense like him.)

Hee, interesting. In this world weapon can become identification document. It’s also interesting that weapon can’t demonstrate its ability unless being registered. In short, it’s like in the game, you need to equip your weapon to bring out its effect ~ it feels like that.

「Atto, it’s to late for me to say this but, my name is Sistina. Thank you very much for saving me from this dangerous place」

Thus that’s how I was able to meet human for the first time in this world.